Announcement: August Workshop – Movement Strategy


Richard Moore


Last year I attempted to lead a one-day workshop in Berkeley,
California, on the topic of 'Achieving a Livable World'.  In
terms of its goals, the workshop was a total failure.  What
I learned instead was that process is all important, and
that I was terribly ignorant about process.  I'm not sure
what the others got out of the workshop, but I was moved by
their supportiveness and patience.

A lot has happened in the ensuing year, in terms of the
movement, my own thinking, and my understanding (but not
ability) of process.  This year the workshop will be four
days long, giving us time to waken our group creativity and
get some work done.  Rosa Zubizarreta will be the primary
facilitator.  She has experience with various group
processes, and approaches sessions with a sensitive
awareness and flexibility.  Under her guidance, I look
forward to an exciting collective voyage of discovery.

We cannot set an agenda for such a workshop, because the
group energy will go wherever it needs to go.  But I have
articulated a starting-off theme:

    How can the movement, in all its diversity, move on to the
    next level?  How can it develop a shared vision of a new
    society and a strategy for achieving it?   If you agree that
    these are the important questions of the day, then we'd like
    you to consider joining us in an exciting four-day workshop.
    We are inviting on-the-ground activists, and we are inviting
    thinkers and writers who believe they have insights to
    offer.  No one has all the answers, and we all have a lot to
    learn from one another.  This workshop will provide a space
    where all voices can be heard, and where we can operate at a
    level of group creativity which is all too rare in this
    competitive, fast-paced world.

If you are interested in participating, in August in the SF
Bay Area, please let me know.  There will be a modest
registration fee to cover things like the site and lunches.