announcing new list name!


Richard Moore

The •••@••.••• list has been renamed to:

This reflects our recent decision, as discussed on the list, to return to a
more `cyberjournal flavor' for the list.  Quality instead of quantity, or
at least that's the aim, and that's the basis on which criticism and
feedback are always welcome.

Below are the list commands, under the new name.

all the best,


--- Here are the ezmlm command addresses.

I can handle administrative requests automatically.
Just send an empty note to any of these addresses:

   Receive future messages sent to the cj mailing list.

   Stop receiving messages for the cj mailing list.

   Retrieve a copy of messages 12 to 45 from the archive.
   A maximum of 100 messages are returned per request.

   Retrieve subjects of messages, including 123 though 456
   from the archive. Subjects are returned in sets of 100.
   A maximum of 2000 subjects are returned per request.

   Retrieve a copy of all messages with the same subject
   as message 12345.

If you do, I won't see them, and subscribers will yell at you.

To specify •••@••.••• as your subscription address, send mail
to <cj-subscribe-God=•••@••.•••>.
I'll send a confirmation message to that address; when you receive that
message, simply reply to it to complete your subscription.

If these instructions are too complicated or you do not get the
results you expect, please contact my owner at
•••@••.•••. Please be patient, my owner is a
lot slower than I am ;-)