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Thursday, 13 March 2008

After two years of managing the Truth To Power 
website and subsequent to many more years of 
researching domestic and geopolitical events and 
trends, it is chilling to witness so much of what 
"prophets" like Mike Ruppert, Matt Savinar, 
Catherine Austin Fitts, Richard Heinberg, Matt 
Simmons, Dmitry Orlov, myself, and many others 
have been forecasting for nearly a decade or 
longer. We are no longer prophets but truly 
historians, and yet I take no pleasure in the 
accuracy of these forecasts or in the fact that 
our dire predictions are unfolding before our 
eyes. When I use the word "chilling", I mean just 
that, while at the same time, I feel sorrow that 
so many are yet still so comatose to the reality 
of the cataclysm that is manifesting around them. 
While I feel fear and sadness for them, I have no 
energy now to expend on them. As most readers of 
this site know, my life is all about preparation 
and building community in order to navigate the 
These are the last hours on the deck of the 
Titanic, and the chamber orchestra is now playing 
"Nearer My God To Thee" as the ship continues to 
take on barrels of water per second, and all but 
one or two lifeboats have been filled to capacity 
and launched into the open seas of escape from 
the capsizing horror-and with no guarantees that 
they will survive. Throngs of the doomed are 
drowning in the steerage compartments below-those 
indigent, third-class, "racially impure" masses 
of humanity that the "first-class", who helped 
design the "unsinkable" vessel, kept locked away 
below the decks of obscene privilege and 
conspicuous consumption. Some say that economic 
depressions don't affect the poor because they 
are already poor, but I'm certain that a black 
mother in the projects who can now give her kids 
only two meals a day will become acutely aware, 
as will her children, when she can only give them 
Yet, amid what is unfolding in front of us, I 
receive emails from readers who tell me that they 
are quite sure that somehow Obama is our hope and 
that if we just get the right leadership, things 
will turn around. I hear talk at the checkout 
counters of "all recessions eventually end" and 
"we just have to ride it out." I wonder what 
these individuals will be doing one year from 
now. I wonder how they will eat, where they will 
be living, what will get them up in the morning, 
and whether they'll be able to sleep at night. 
And as the hollow, trite, tired clichés assault 
my eardrums, I see and hear Richard Heinberg 
reporting soberly and assertively in "The End Of 
Suburbia" that we will soon enter "a recession 
that never ends." I also hear Matt Simmons 
telling us that oil is still too cheap, and I 
ponder his recent interview on CNBC forecasting 
$378 a barrel. I recall overhearing a man last 
summer saying, "Gasoline is now three dollars a 
gallon. What's happening to this world?" I wonder 
where the man is now; I wonder if he'll still be 
around for $378 a barrel.
This week in the Daily News Stories section of 
the Truth To Power website, a link was posted to 
the Channeliing Hubbert blogspot which noted that 
the father of the Peak Oil theory, M. King 
Hubbert, openly discussed the unsustainability of 
a high-growth economy with high-level officials 
of Chase Manhattan. Yet, "Instead, key 
individuals in government, think tanks, and 
corporations opted to use their influence and 
decision making capacity to forward a perpetual 
high-growth economy dependent on high-grade 
finite fossil fuels in the hopes that technology 
would make low-grade resources economic over 
time. They believed that speculative 
technological advances including coal to liquids, 
oil shale, breeder reactors, fusion, and enhanced 
oil recovery would become economic in the long 
run, thereby justifying the continuing growth of 
a consumerist suburban, car-oriented way of life 
and fueling the development of a highly 
industrial globalized system for the rest of the 
In a 2004 article by Richard Heinberg published 
exclusively at From The Wilderness, he revealed a 
declassified document "The Impending Soviet Oil 
Crisis" from 1977, exposing the CIA's awareness 
of Peak Oil. According to Heinberg, "The real 
motives and long-term strategies of policy makers 
and intelligence gatherers alike will likely 
remain opaque to citizens who pay in blood and 
dollars for their government's military 
adventures. The Impending Soviet Oil Crisis gives 
us a rare, limited glimpse into the machinery of 
covert information analysis and decision-making 
that shape history as we live it."
Consider the administrations that have come and 
gone since 1977-all unwilling to tell the 
American people the truth about energy depletion. 
Consider the meaningless rhetoric of the current 
candidates who continue to delude us about Peak 
Oil and economic growth and consider the reality 
that they would not even be viable candidates if 
they were willing to expose the suicidal delusion 
of unlimited economic growth.
I understand how desperately many individuals 
would like to believe in a "savior" candidate 
who's going to make everything right. I recall 
how excited I was earlier in my life about the 
candidates that I was certain would turn 
everything around. I remember how angry I felt 
when I heard some cynic tell me that there wasn't 
a dime's worth of difference between any of them. 
Oh how I wanted-desperately wanted, to believe.
But only in America is the definition of insanity 
lived out with such oblivious impunity. Only in 
America do we continue to believe that "this time 
it will be different" in the face of all evidence 
to the contrary. Faith in any of the three 
leading candidates running for the presidency to 
have the capacity or desire to affect any 
significant change is nothing less than blatantly 
illogical and irrational.
In my recent article "Celebrating UN-President's 
Day: Why I Will Not Vote For A President In 2008" 
I laid out my case for not voting, but that was 
before I saw the latest documentary on election 
fraud, "Uncounted: The New Math Of American 
Elections". Anyone seriously considering voting 
for a president in 2008 must see this documentary 
as well as Bev Harris's 2006 HBO documentary 
"Hacking Democracy." You may, in fact, live in 
one of those rare areas where paper ballot voting 
still occurs, but "Uncounted" and "Hacking 
Democracy" reveal a rigged election system, so 
gargantuan, so blatant, and so foolproof that it 
is now safe to say that legitimate presidential 
elections in the United States are no longer 
possible. In other words, American elections no 
longer belong to you, but to those who 
manufacture the candidates and select the winners.
Moreover, in recent days Truth To Power has been 
covering the proposed purchase of the Diebold 
Corporation by United Technologies, a major U.S. 
weapons manufacturer and defense contractor. An 
analysis of the ramifications of this purchase, 
now put on hold as a result of UT's low bid, can 
be read at Catherine Austin Fitts's blogspot. 
Nevertheless, rocket science is not required in 
order to comprehend the significance of a major 
defense contractor having control of voting in 
America. Although the deal has not been 
consummated, Diebold is seeking a buyer and is 
likely to eventually sell its strategic position 
to a more powerful entity-the value of which is 
truly priceless because corporate control of 
elections represents the ultimate triumph of 
fascism in the United States.
In addition, no president, elected or selected in 
2008, has the capacity to reverse the fascist 
trajectory of the republic launched by the 
Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and 
the myriad other ostensibly anti-terrorist 
measures resulting from either legislation or 
Executive Orders during the George W. Bush 
administration. In fact, all three leading 
candidates embrace the War on Terror and 
shamelessly behave as emissaries for the military 
industrial complex.
This week we've witnessed the overnight demise of 
Eliot Spitzer, so-called "sheriff of Wall Street" 
who vowed to bring the subprime mortgage mafia to 
justice. Many have speculated that Spitzer was 
targeted by the predators he was committed to 
investigating. But whether he is innocent or 
guilty, his fall is jaw-dropping in its 
significance: If Spitzer was set up, it confirms 
that politicians who are determined to operate 
transparently can no longer succeed in a system 
rotting with corruption; if he is guilty, then it 
becomes virtually impossible to trust any 
politician who pledges to function with integrity.
But one's abdication of critical thinking in the 
face of the U.S. election charade is neither the 
most disconnected or the most dangerous course of 
action. More deadly, in my opinion, is the 
failure to grasp the reality that not only the 
empire but civilization itself has entered a 
process of irreversible demise. This phenomenon 
is larger than the onset of a Second Great 
Depression. It's even larger and more momentous 
than the reality of a cartel of criminals who 
engineered a mortgage meltdown, the repercussions 
of which will be reverberating throughout the 
global economy indefinitely. As I have stated 
repeatedly, what is unfolding is absolutely 
unprecedented and is juxtaposed with the equally 
dire realities of climate chaos and Peak Oil. In 
their attempts to make sense of these momentous 
realities, New Age devotees tout the significance 
of 2012, and the Christian right insists that the 
rapture is imminent. Equally sychophantic are 
those who argue that while the current challenges 
are unprecedented, so is the technology which can 
alleviate them. Pervading all three groups is a 
profound disconnect from ecological, scientific, 
and human reality.
For example, Truth To Power has been consistently 
reporting appalling indicators of world famine 
and global water privatization by transnational 
corporations. Peak Oil, climate change, genetic 
modification, and the preposterous use of ethanol 
as an energy alternative have caused food prices 
to skyrocket as the food industry produces 
so-called "foods" that are devoid of nutrients 
and are dangerous for our health. Moreover, 
ethanol is increasing something besides food 
prices, namely vast dead zones in the Gulf of 
Mexico produced by ethanol-laden wastewater.
As the likelihood of famine escalates, as 
bankruptcies skyrocket and foreclosures surge 
beyond anything this nation has seen since the 
Great Depression, as unemployment becomes 
epidemic, as the dollar daily sets records for 
loss in value, as banks fail, as the price of oil 
flies off the charts, I can only marvel that 
anyone in the United States has the slightest 
interest whatsoever in a presidential election. 
My mind reels but recalls the terrified and 
traumatized passengers on the decks of the 
Titanic, hallucinating and in shock. Although we 
may be overwhelmed passengers on a sinking ship, 
there are lifeboats. This is not quite the same 
Titanic; we have options. So why would anyone 
re-arrange the deck chairs by putting any faith 
in a presidential candidate?
No doubt there are many reasons, but if you are 
one of those who hopes that one of the three 
corporately bought-and-sold candidates will save 
you, I have to ask you if you are storing food, 
and if not, why not? Readers of this site know 
well that the Survival Acres and Life After The 
Oil Crash websites carry extensive inventories of 
storable food items and other products for 
collapse preparedness, and within the past week, 
Sharon Astyk's wonderful article "Food Storage 
101" was posted on this site. So I must also ask 
what you are doing to prepare yourself and your 
loved ones for living in a world of famine, 
thirst, lawlessness, lack of health care, a 
worthless dollar, and possible martial law. How 
are you building community with others to weather 
this scenario?
In a nutshell, there are three realities that 
every reader of these words must prepare to deal 
with: Food, fuel, and fascism.
Truth To Power has reported exhaustively on all 
three of these realities for as long as the site 
has existed. No candidate running for president 
has the slightest interest in talking rationally 
or honestly about these issues with the American 
people, but all three would be delighted to take 
action to lock down the nation, ration food and 
fuel, and continue empire's quest for the last 
drops of oil on the planet by any means necessary.
So I won't leave you with my advice but rather 
ask you a number of questions. My questions to 
you, dear reader, are these: What are you doing 
to prepare for the "Three F's"? What keeps you 
hooked to the U.S. election charade, even when a 
part of you knows it is a charade? Why do you 
choose to put your energy there rather than 
putting it into survival? What do you fear would 
happen if you let go of your "hope" and stopped 
trusting an electoral process manufactured from 
start to finish by empire? What might happen if 
you stopped engaging in that process and started 
focusing instead on creating options?
How is it that you choose to become embroiled in 
their election rather than preserving your life?
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