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Vision Quest

By Chris Floyd

03/31/06 "Moscow Times" -- -- Once again we must take up the
cudgels for President George W. Bush, who is being
increasingly maligned for his alleged lack of strategic
vision in Iraq. This chorus of petty carping from partisan
dead-enders has been exacerbated of late by all the
hand-wringing media reports about "civil war" breaking out
among the ungrateful beneficiaries of the president's
selfless crusade for peace and enlightenment in the Middle

These charges are, as always, pure bunkum. As we have often
noted here before, Bush is pursuing a remarkably effective
"win-win" strategy in Iraq, a highly flexible vision that is
even now ripening to fruition. The savage militias, ethnic
cleansing, mass murder, sectarian hatred and gruesome
tortures that are turning Iraq into a howling moonscape of
fear and chaos are but precision tools in the artful hands
of the Leader, as he patiently crafts the ultimate victory.

The war aims of the Babylonian Conquest have always been
obvious to anyone who concentrates on the operational
reality of the action, ignoring the ludicrous cornball about
democracy and security that Bush dishes out to gull the
rubes back home. The reality clearly shows that Bush had
three primary objectives in launching the invasion. First
and foremost was the transfer of large portions of the
national wealth of Iraq -- and the United States -- into the
coffers of his political cronies, corporate backers and
family members. Second was the frantic acceleration of the
long-running, bipartisan militarization of America, which is
now almost wholly dependent on war and rumors of war to keep
its heavily mortgaged economy afloat. Third was planting a
permanent military presence in Iraq to "project dominance"
over the strategic oil lands and serve as staging areas for
further operations in regime change and political extortion
as needed. ("Nice little country you got there, Abdul; too
bad if something, like, happened to it -- you savvy? Now
howzabout signing that free trade agreement already?")

None of these aims have been harmed in the slightest by
Iraq's death spiral into civil war. The Bush faction's war
profiteering and fraud -- on a scale surpassing anything
ever seen in world history -- has fueled a ruthless
political machine that, despite its growing unpopularity
with the U.S. people, now controls all three branches of
government and has overthrown the Constitution, openly
declaring that its leader is beyond the reach of "judicial
review, congressional oversight or international law," as
The Washington Post reported, rather belatedly, this week.
Swollen by the swag of aggressive war, the elite interests
represented by the Bush regime -- oil, military-related
industries and predatory venture capitalists like the
Carlyle Group -- have had their already inordinate sway over
American society and policy increased by several magnitudes.
They will remain ascendant for decades to come, no matter
what happens in Iraq, or in any U.S. election.

Indeed, the murderous chaos that will inevitably spill
across the region, and the world, from the collapse of Iraq
will only mean more boffo box office for the fearmongers and
warmongers of the Bush faction -- and even greater feasting
for their oil barons, already gorged on record-breaking
profits after just three years of bloodshed. The
whack-a-mole "Long War" gleefully envisioned by the Pentagon
will thus be extended indefinitely, bringing more
militarization, more draconian "war powers," and further
destruction of those pesky civil rights and constitutional
liberties that hinder the elites in their exercise of raw

Civil war also enhances the prospect of permanent U.S.
bases. The Sunni minority, once the most vociferous
opponents of American occupation, now look -- vainly -- to
U.S. forces as their last-ditch protection against the
deadly militias of the Shiite majority. The Shiite-led
government relies on U.S. military might to prop up its
rickety state system. The Kurds (who are busy ethnically
cleansing their own enclave, as The Washington Post reports,
and imprisoning people for criticizing the corruption of
Kurdish leaders, as The New York Times reports) are happy
for the Americans to plant vast, minatory fortresses down
south to keep the troublesome Arabs in line. And so the
permanent bases are being sunk deep into Iraqi soil; the
Pentagon has already "authorized or proposed almost $1
billion" for bases in 2005-06, The Associated Press reports.

And if Iraq cracks apart completely -- the "three-state
solution" proposed by Leslie Gelb, doyen of that bastion of
bipartisan Establishment wisdom, the Council on Foreign
Relations -- why, so much the better. It will be much easier
to wangle basing agreements, oil deals, insider investments
and those all-important arms contracts out of weakened
mini-states struggling for survival than from a strong,
unified nation looking out for its own interests.

As the gates of hell blow open in Iraq, the marvelous
adaptability of Bush's strategy becomes apparent. When the
promised "cakewalk" did not materialize, Bush shifted to the
near-genocidal fury of the Fallujah assault and the
systematic tortures of Abu Ghraib. When these tactics failed
to quell the resistance, Bush gave the Pentagon the
greenlight to arm, infiltrate and manipulate militias and
terrorist groups, even to the point of goading them into
action, The New Yorker reports. If you can't have cake, then
chaos might serve your turn just as well.

Civil war looks like a profitable gambit for now -- except
for all the pointless suffering, of course. But Bush has
never cared about that. A true visionary, he keeps his eyes
on the prize, on the only kind of "victory" he has ever
sought in Iraq: loot and domination for his ruthless clique.
Whatever happens next, they've already won.


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