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Richard Moore

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re/ cj dialog 18 Sep
Sue Stubenvoll wrote:
Hi Richard
  Your thoughtful and pragmatic analysis and suggestions are really valuable and thought provoking. This 1960’s ‘stream of consciousness’ stuff seems best left to people who love the sound of their own voice and have so little useful to do that they dedicate their energy to solving their perception of problems in others. Spirituality is, ipso facto, personal, not a world doctrine on how everyone SHOULD be (even though it’s remarkably similar worldwide). So maybe we SHOULD ban the word SHOULD from the language to curtail well-meaning musers from imposing their views on others. Who knows, the musers might even devote some energy to helping others be what THEY want to be. Viva diversity.
  Keep up your great thinking
 All the best from Sue


Howard Switzer wrote:
Hi Richard,
Well its that time again and I’m running a campaign to Green the Governorship in Tennessee in order to spread my radical green message, the hippies are right!.  Of course, we know we are shut out and this year there are more than twice the usual number of independents in the race all discovering this for the first time.  I’m hoping to organize them into new green party locals.  My website is a work in progress but I’ve taken a lot from Chris Hedges to mix in as well as Sam Smith, Sam’s Good Things to do.
Feedback is welcome..  http://howardswitzer.com/  You might wait a day or so before looking at it to give my son time to get my freshly edited material up.  It does get me out among the people and gives me a great excuse to strike up a conversation with them.    Great fun.  However, do check out my handout.
Best to you,

re/ Chris Hedges escapes from the Matrix

Thomas Schley wrote:
Hi Richard,
I love your creative rewrite of the title.  Let’s hope Hedges can continue to elude the Matrix and that more of us can make our escape as well.  Good to have your guidebook to point the way.
Many thanks,

Hi Tom, 
Hedges seems to be continuing to reveal truth:
Chris Hedges: March to Nowhere

re/ Mondragon comes to Richmond California

TK Wilson wrote:
The “solidarity economy network” is a movement for building a new kind of economy, one that formally puts people and the planet first. It operates from the conviction that our task as people working for more just, democratic and sustainable futures is not to invent a new economic blueprint from scratch and then convince the world to adopt it, but rather to participate together in ongoing work to strengthen, connect and build upon the many economic practices of cooperation and solidarity that already exist in our communities and regions. We do not need to wait for a revolution. We can begin here and now, in our communities and regions, connected with others around the world, to construct the relationships and linkages that will form the basis for new cultures and economies of solidarity.
In addition, there are many in the ecological, social justice, and civic engagement sectors who are not economic in their primary orientation, but who are equally committed to grassroots organizing and building just, democratic and sustainable futures. All of us are fellow-travelers and seekers in what we can call a democratic solidarity movement for the 21st century.

Thanks TK, a very promising movement.

Ray Songtree wrote:
rkm> Worker’s co-ops are the single most transformative thing communities can undertake, particularly in conjunction with local currencies. Much more significant than Transition Towns type activities.
thanks Richard.  I agree, this where its at. r

Jim Fadiman wrote:
wow. flowers grow through the cracks in the most unlikely paved over places. 

Hi Jim,
Yes, and that’s exactly where they’ll need to be growing if the world is to change. I see more hope in unemployed factory workers, once they seize their empowerment, than in enlightened progressives. That’s why I’ve been arguing against the notion of  ‘social transformation via personal transformation’. 

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