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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

Over the years I've found Parveez' reporting to be quite reliable.  He
seems to have whistleblowers in various intelligence services who tip him
off on major events, such as the Diana assassination, right after they
happen.  I don't always agree with Parveez' analysis as to _why the events
happen, but I don't think I've ever seen any of his claims about the facts
to be proven wrong.

In the case of TWA 800, he was referred to by a U.S. spokesman as being an
"Iranian propaganda agent" and the "source of the rumor" that the flight
might have been hit by a missile.  In the profession of "exposés", that
kind of official attention amounts to a kind of Oscar.

Unfortunately the piece is a bit rambling, but I'm sure some of you will
find it useful.


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Wednesday 03 November 1999 London-UK (Egypt990v3)

From: Parveez Syed
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Engineered crashes analysed (editorial ref: Egypt990v3)
by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti Communications news agency

LONDON, England - Wednesday 03 November 1999 - Egypt Air flight
990 vanished last week without sending out 'Mayday' calls,
killing all passengers on board. TWA 800 crashed on 17 August
1996. Swiss Air crashed in 1998. Kennedy's aircraft crahsed
crashed in 1999. Four aircrafts have crashed over the last three
years in a part of the ocean which is also controlled by the US
navy and airforce. Four crashes in three years in the secured
zone means there is something wrong in the zone which is also
controlled by US airforce and navy.

Commercial airlines and private aircrafts don't often disappear
without sending out any 'Mayday' calls. So, what is going on? Are
the four tragic coincidences? Is it time to ask probing
questions, again? How different or similar are the "accidents"
or crashes? Who would dare investigate the political masters in
the US State Department, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSC, MI6, Mossad
etc? Is there a link? What is the motive? Who benefits? What are
the pretexts? How is being framed? How fail-safe are the 'fly by
wire' digital or electronic devices used in cars, aircrafts,
computers and elsewhere? Is it time to shutdown New York's JFK
airport or the north-east Atlantic airspace which is also
controlled by the US navy and airforce? What about other
airspaces all over the world where there is US naval and
airforce presence or army of occupation? Why such probing
questions are not being asked, again? Is there a leak?

The last radio contact between the Egyptian flight 990 and JFK
control was at 01.47am EST-US, three minutes before the plunge
into the ocean. Communication was lost six minutes before the
Swiss aircraft hit the ocean. Egypt Air flight 990 suffered a
sudden and catastrophic loss of altitude and its rate of descent
was 14,000ft in around thirty seconds. TWA 800 also vanished
from around that altitude. While the cause has never been found,
official 'experts' claim there was an explosion in the central,
empty fuel tanks of the Boeing 747 (TWA 800), causing it to
break up mid-air. Some 10,000 airliners safely use the US
controlled North Atlantic air corridor every month.

"That is a huge choice and a controlled testing zone. Flight data
recorder are vital but not infallible. The black boxes won't
record coded external or remote signals" It is technically
possible to turn off safety critical digital and electronics
devices including: communications systems; transmitters; fuel
pumps; turnbines or engines; landing gears; thrust reversers;
brakes; airbags; etc," a Western intelligence source, who spoke
on the condition of anonymity, told Shanti Communications news.
"For more than 30 years," the source explained, "the US, British
and Israeli intelligence and security agencies have been testing
electronic and digital remote control systems designed to
engineer, sabotage and stage-manage sudden aircraft and car
crashes. The remote controlled fires or explosions can be
engineered. They can also turn off computerised systems or
where-ever else they are used in industrial, power, water, food,
processing, petrochem or hydrocarbon plants and oilfields often
built by Western groups, who often employ intelligence snoops and
informants. In the last 15 years the remote controls have been
tested in north Atlantic, Paris and Pakistan. Pretexts are ready
to frame, usual suspects and easy escape goats. But there is
sufficient evidence to prove that TWA 800 was aircraft was shot
down by the US navy in its own secured, exclusion zone. Aircraft
makers are being scapegoated and defrauded by US officials. With
remote controls there are no eye witnesses or finger-prints: the
whole process is automated. This is organised crime".

"By a remarkable conincidence, David Scheffer ambassador-at-large
for war crimes issues, spoke days before the latest US controlled
air crash. Speaking to his fans at the Washington-DC based
'Carnegie Endowment for International Peace' on Wednesday 27
October 1999, Sheffer again tried to stigmatise and ostracise 20
million people of Iraq, and passed his death sentence," the
source added. "Sheffer went on to address chosen 'Iraqi National
Assembley or Congress' in New York City, NY on Friday 29 Oct 99.
They benefit from exactly the same training which the US defence
department offers to civilian and military officers of friendly
countries throughout the Middle East. It is provided under the
Iraq Liberation Act. Then by another remarkable coincidence, on
Monday 01 November 1999, Thomas Pickering, under secretary for
political affairs at the US Department of State, addressed the
chosen, US funded, supported, facilitated, armed and trained
'opposition' in New York City, NY. By another remarkable
coincidence it was 'unified, setup and convened' within days of
the 990 air crash, to help impose and sustain Western chosen,
funded and unelected despots and tyrants on Iraq, guaranteeing a
change of regime for the sole benefit of its US maters only".

"We can call upon other nations to join us in pledging generous
economic support for any successor government as soon as it
commits to rebuilding Iraq and its rightful place in the world
through upholding fully its international legal obligations.
This international support should include not merely lifting of
economic sanctions applying to the current outlaw regime,
including unfreezing of assets; but also: reconstruction grants
and loans on generous terms; debt rescheduling and forgiveness;
facilitation of foreign investment; and generous allocation of
oil production quotas by OPEC," Pickering told his chosen few,
adding that "make no mistake: we are tightening the international
legal case that is closing in around the Baghdad regime.

"I wonder what OPEC members think about US imposing quotas.
Pickering stressed that US and British fly-by-night killers fly
over Iraq every day to enforce the unilateral, illegal 'no-fly'
zone engineered to diminish Iraq's territorial integrity,
defence capability and sovereignty. US is funding the chosen
terrorists to divide, control and rule Iraq," the source added.
On the other hand, seemingly the US officials claim to be
negotiating the ending of US sanctions on 20 million people of
Iraq. "The engineered surrendering talks are set to fail, giving
US another engineered pretext to kill more infants in Iraq, and
impose their chosen despots and tyrants," the source added. "With
the blessings of Russia and China, the US is threatening
Afghanistan with 'UN' sanctions over Ladin. The new world order
bandits are now armed with remote controls, tools and figs," the
source told Shanti Communications news agency. "The officials
and political liars should be indicted, tried and convicted for
the crimes against humanity in Iraq," the source explained.

According to the Egyptian Organisation of Human Rights, more than
200 dissidents have been arrested so far this year. "For a number
of years, Egypt's despotic president Hosni Mubarak has been
cracking down on his perceived opposition, foes and fans," the
source told Shanti RTV news.  "Last month an Egypt Air flight was
hijacked from Turkey to Germany, where the local intelligence
officials debriefed the hijacker. The officials shared the report
with their US counterparts, who passed on their Israeli version to
the US imposed and sustained Mubarak. The rest is history: senior
Egyptian arm forces officers were killed in the air crash. The
aim was to kill the Egyptian officers, then frame Iraqi official
and Osama Bin Ladin. Pretext engineered to kill more people in
Iraq and Afghanistan, and suppress any political or democratic
opposition in Egypt; Kuwait; Saudi Arabia; Jordan; UAE; Bahrain;
Qatar; Oman; Turkey; Kosovo; Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia".

Stay tuned, and remember where you heard or read it first!

Developing....... for feedback, further info and updates contact
Shanti RTV news agency by email to: •••@••.•••

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 03 November 1999 (Egypt990v3)

[The author, Parveez Syed, is an investigative journalist and a
mass media programming consultant. He has exposed many liars,
subverters and deceivers. Moles and whistleblowers e-mail leaks
and briefings to him. His copyrighted, unique features are often
plagiarised or developed into probing factual tv documentaries.
The features are archived on hundreds of websites worldwide].
Parveez Syed's direct contact details are:
One Stuart Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8RA1 UK
Telephone: London-UK 0044-(0)7831-196693
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