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Richard Moore

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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 00:55:19 -0800

Dear Richard,

Firstly, I must again applaud you for your superb book.  I
read most of it prior to going to Seattle for the IFG
sponsored teach-in.  Your book is now beyond great and
approaching stupendous!!!

Secondly, I wasn't in Seattle for the protests -- but I
followed it closely on Seattle TV.  The 'eye-witness news'
crews gave it all day coverage, and did a surprisingly good
job -- much better than either the American or Canadian
networks news.  But, understanding that the mainstream media
is merely the mouthpiece of corporate rule, I guess their
pathetic coverage should be no surprise.

But I must comment on the piece you posted from APFN -- the
one attributed to "cliff kadmon" alleging that a student was
hired by an agent of ADM to pose as a 'radical protestor'.
This story looks very syuspect to me, and I'm surprised that
APFN and you didn't challenge its credibility.

Let me explain myself.  Firstly, I would fully expect that
corporate America would want to discredit the
anti-globalization protest movement -- and I would also
expect that some of its agents would indeed instigate
actions that contrived to do so.  And it would be extremely
important for us to obtain proof of such actions and give
them the widest possible publicity.

But we must not embarrass ourselves by disseminating without
question allegations by unknown sources -- especially ones
which may be bogus, as I would judge this one to be.

Let's think about it.  If you were an agent hired to stage
such events, would you choose an articulate college student
to do it?  If you were this agent, wouldn't you likely have
had training for such a job -- quite possibly under CIA
tutelage -- and wouldn't you likely have numerous reliable
contacts who could do a much better job of harrassing the
public, and with much less risk of exposure, than a college

But the most revealing element of this story is that the
'college student' claimed to have started his job not even
knowing what the WTO was -- but within a few days, spent
being gassed by the storm troopers and having a 'hell of a
lot of fun' -- this self proclaimed neophyte had figured out
that "the aims of many of the protestors for the most part
actually go along with the aims of the WTO and the New World
Order", later explaining that the agenda of the WTO and the
NWO is "the one world government thing ... all about more
CONTROL over people".

Anyway, while I agree that the author has the WTO and NWO
figured out right -- and that he may well be correct that
some of the more flagrant acts of 'protestors' might have
been performed by hirelings of the corporate system -- I
cannot find his story credible.

People for Real Democracy
Diana & Jeff Jewell
North Vancouver, BC, CANADA


Dear Diana & Jeff,

Here I am back on Kauai where you two visited me last year!
Nice to hear from you again.

Yes I agree that was a bogus report.  Thank you so much for
noticing.  I get tired of always interpreting everything for
people.  Once in a while I let some nonsense through to see
what kind of response I'll get.  No one else commented on this
one, but then everyone is deluged with news right now.  One person
(I won't name him or her) actually picked out that one piece to
forward further!  That was sad.  They probably thought they were
exposing the alleged corporate sponsors (Pepsi et al) and didn't
realize the piece was actually designed to discredit the non-violent

I was also tipped off by "the one world government thing ...
all about more CONTROL over people".  Those turn out to be
right-wing code-phrases, designed to get the attention of
right-wing list moderators.  But the rest of the essay was
relatively free of right-wing ideology.  The whole thing
smelled like a propaganda piece, probably written by some
academic sell-out.  It didn't sound like a real person.

Thanks for your encouragement on the book, which is at:


Richard K Moore
Wexford, Irleand
Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance

                Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
                committed citizens can change the world,
                indeed it's the only thing that ever has.
                        - Margaret Mead