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Richard Moore

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Subject: *** A16 ALERT: D.C. Police State, L.A. Protest Tonight, Media Coverage

[Please forward to anyone you think would be interested.  (Apologies for

    U.S. Capital a "Constitution-Free Zone" As Police Crack Down

-- D.C. police raid organizing center, arrest hundreds of protesters
-- L.A. protest to bring Mobilization to Clinton/Gore at fundraiser this
-- D.C. Mobilization coverage:
     C-SPAN Apr. 16-17, Satellite broadcast Apr. 21, Websites

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Associated Press, April 14) -- Several
opposition leaders were arrested Friday, and riot police, some toting
machine guns, were deployed in the Malaysian capital as authorities
stepped up an apparent crackdown ahead of a protest in support of jailed
politician Anwar Ibrahim.

Washington, D.C. (Democracy News Network, April 15) -- Hundreds of
people were arrested today, and D.C. police raided and shut down the
convergence organizing headquarters and welcome center this morning.
Riot police are being deployed in the U.S. capital as authorities step
up an apparent crackdown ahead of tomorrow's Mobilization for Global
Justice rally.

This morning's raid at the Ocean/Lupis Convergence Center in northwest
Washington, D.C. followed a week of harassment and intimidation tactics
aimed at protesters organizing for the rallies set for tomorrow and
Monday against the World Bank, IMF, "star wars" missile defense system,
militarization of space and other topics of corporate-military

Authorities confiscated literature, supplies, soda bottles with the tops
or bottoms cut off and a plastic container with a rag stuffed inside,
which executive assistant police chief Terry Gainer said "looks like a
Molotov cocktail."  Protest leaders said that what police had come
across were art supplies and "a plastic bottle that had rags in it that
were being used to get paint off of people's hands."  Antonia Jahasz, an
organizer with the American Lands Alliance, said "With one of the
highest homicide rates in the country, D.C.'s finest are guarding our
dangerous puppets."  Police Chief Charles Ramsey later allowed some
protesters to retrieve the puppets.

Hundreds of protestors were arrested later in the day as police broke up
a permited march against the Prison-Industrial complex.  The protesters
were handcuffed, loaded onto school buses and driven off by police.
Police have already blocked off 50 blocks in downtown Washington as
authorities prepare for tomorrow's rally.
(See reports below, at "*** 1)", and AP news reports at
http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/000415/n.html and

Meanwhile, a broad coalition of organizations in Los Angeles is planning
to make sure President Clinton and Vice-President Gore don't miss out on
all the fun of the D.C. Mobilization.  The President and Vice-President
will be in Beverly Hills this evening for a $100,000/plate fundraiser,
and the people of Southern California will be joining them outside for a
gathering and protest covering issues ranging from corporate
globalization and campaign finance reform to military aid for Colombia
and the sanctions against Iraq.  (See details below, at "*** 2)".)

C-SPAN scheduled coverage -- Sunday, 04/16/2000:

         09:00 am (Eastern Time), length: 1:00 (est.), LIVE
         Washington Journal, Call-In
         IMF/World Bank Meetings

         11:00 am (Eastern Time), length: 6:00 (est.), LIVE
         Mobilization for Global Justice Rally
         Protest Against the International Monetary Fund

         05:01 pm (Eastern Time), length: 1:29 (est.)
         IMF/ World Bank News Conference

C-SPAN scheduled coverage -- Monday, 04/17/2000:

         12:00 pm (Eastern Time), length: 4:00 (est.), LIVE
         Mobilization for Global Justice
         IMF/ World Bank Protest Rally
(See full details of C-SPAN coverage below, at "*** 3)".)

SATELLITE TV PROGRAMMING ALERT! -- Fri. April 21st, 2:00-4:00 pm
(Eastern Time).  The Independent Media Center is pleased to announce on
the spot noncommercial, non-corporate coverage and analysis of the
IMF/World bank events in Washington DC.  This programming is available
for free usage by public access stations and PBS affiliates for local
cablecasts and broadcasts.  This satellitecast features two hours of
programming on the issues of globalism and the IMF/World Bank and events
in DC. One hour of events and analysis in DC and one hour of background

Contact your local public access center and/or PBS affiliate and tell
them you want to see these shows on TV in your community! Give them the
satellite information below.
(See full details below, at "*** 4)".)

And some references for Website coverage:
  -- Independent Media Center:
  -- Progressive Review Fast News site:
  -- Mobilization for Global Justice main website:
  -- Santa Barbara Earth First!:
  -- Listen to DC Police - Scanner Online -- DC Area
  -- Listen to DC Police communications....

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*** 1)  D.C. police crack down, raid organizing center, arrest hundreds
of protesters

Subject:  [peacecenter] URGENT: 100s being arrested in D.C.
Date:  Sat, 15 Apr 2000 19:35:37 -0400 (EDT)
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Washington DC: 7pm. Hundreds of protestors have just been arrested and
are now being loaded onto school buses and driven off by police. There
are also a few police in tanks, images we remember from Seattle. They
also have that Ninja turtle look (NOT sea turtle). According to Richard
Becker of IAC, who I ran into on the other side of the police line, a
permited march of 1,000 people, initiated by the International Action
Center at the Dept of Justice against the Prison-Industrial complex was
cut off and surrounded by the police. Hundreds of people got away, and
were chanting "let them go!", while, as i said, hundreds were being
handcuffed and led onto the buses.  I also heard some mainstream media
representatives saying that some reporters from major news media had
been caught up in the sweep. That might bode well for the way it gets

This caps a day of tremendous police harassment, and police have already
blocked off  50 blocks downtown. But the momentum for tomorrow is
building,this was one of three different demonstrations today, one
against the GAP and another in solidarity with the people's movement in
Bolivia--- and one way or another there will be a great expression of
the people tomorrow!


From: Doug Hunt <•••@••.•••>
To: •••@••.••• <•••@••.•••>
Date: Saturday, April 15, 2000 9:23 AM
Subject: [Fwd: URGENT: A16 Headquarters Raided!]

Press Release - Update

Intimidation Efforts Stepped Up

DC Police, Fire Marshall Raid IMF/World Bank Protest Headquarters

For Immediate Release April 15, 2000 - 11:20 am
Contact: Rev. Douglas B. Hunt, Ph.D. (301) 379-5838
In an obvious attempt to intimidate demonstrators already in Washington
and the thousands expected to arrive in the city today and tonight, at
about 8:40 am on Saturday, April 15th, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
agents, DC police and the fire marshals raided the headquarters of the
upcoming protests against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and
World Bank.  Claiming fire code violations, the DC police swept into the
building a warehouse in northwest Washington, DC -- with at least 50
uniformed officers, who seized the premises and most of the materials
inside, and evicted several hundred protesters, support personnel and
volunteers.  No one was hurt, two people were arrested. Police later
annouced that they had found an assembled explosive device in the
building. On the scene observers indicated that this was a Propane
cannister that had been being used to warm food. The police linked this
to plans for "molotov cocktails" they calimed 24 hours later -- to have
found in a raid the previous day. The protests against the IMF and World
Bank--called the Mobilization for Global Justiceis a highly diverse and
democratic social movement, characterized by a decentralized,
group-leadership and consensus decision-making model. The headquarters,
known as the Ocean/Lupis Convergence Center, was the central location to
greet new-comers and coordinate the efforts of the estimated 10,000 to
50,000 protesters. The Convergence Center was a staging area for the
whole week of protests, April 11-17. It was part training center,
information clearinghouse, crafts studio, meeting place, and soup
kitchen to feed the protesters from out of town.

While the raid struck a blow to the coordination efforts, the
Mobilization has multiply redundant coordination and action plans, and
will move forward with these plans on Sunday and Monday.

With less than 24 hours before the major street protests against the IMF
and World Bank, the DC police -- coordintaing with many of the 17
special and federal police and other law enforcement agencies in DC --
are using intimidation and preemptive strikes against the protesters in
an attempt to scuttle their efforts to exercise First Amendment rights
to free speech and association. Already, local and federal law
enforcement officials have arrested about 15 people for possession of
materials hypothesized to be used in acts of civil disobedience. In the
Saturday morning raid, the charges appear to be overcrowding, the
unauthorized use of propane tanks, and the allegedly unlawful use of
flammable paints.

Police officials and many protesters argue that they do not want a
repeat of the tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets that
characterized a similar protest against the World Trade Organization
(WTO) in Seattle, WA last November. However, as evidenced by this
mornings raid, and the previous arrests, law enforcement officials
clearly are not averse to using repressive, clearly unconstitutional
tactics to stop the demonstrators. What this will mean for the April 16
and 17 street protests in anybodys guess.


Draft by Steve Bennett - Witness for Peace
United Church of Christ Network for Environmental and Economic


Date:  Sat, 15 Apr 2000 10:09:06 -0400 (EDT)
From:  Leila Salazar <•••@••.•••>
To:  •••@••.•••

Jay Sand, IMC coordinator, gives a breaking report via cell phone to the
IMC in the wake of a police raid of the Convergence Center, set up to
welcome IMF/World Bank critics.

Jay Sand, coordinator of the IMC in DC, was attending an A16
Mobilization meeting when firemen interrupted and brought in police to
clear critics from the building.

Reports from media teams inside the center claim that the firemen were
wearing ATF badges.

According to Sand, firemen entered the convergence space, set up to meet
the thousands of activists expected for the anti-globalisation protests
planned for Sunday, and told activists to leave. The reason for the
order was an alleged fire code violation. Firemen said that if IMF/World
Bank critics didn't immediately evacuate, they would be forced to call
police. Police were in fact standing by.

Sand said, at the time of a phone call to the IMC at 9:20am on Saturday,
that police were barricading critics inside the convergence center.

IMC sources noted that the police were not wearing identification of any

Critics refused to leave without their protest equipment, puppets, and
other materials created this past few weeks in preparation for the
demonstrations on Sunday, April 16, known as A16, an international day
of action against corporate globalization.

Stay tuned to www.indymedia.org for updates.

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Subject:  Heavy police presence here in Washington DC
Date:  Fri, 14 Apr 2000 19:38:15 EDT
From:  •••@••.•••
To:  "CyberNewsletter of the UUA Washington Office" <•••@••.•••>

by Rob Cavenaugh, Legislative Director

As April 16th -- the day of the most IMF/World Bank protest activity --
draws near, anticipation, anxiety, and tension are rising all around
Washington, DC.  Various smaller demonstrations have been going on all
week, like: religious groups doing the stations of the cross throughout
DC in support of international debt relief; a labor rally against
normalizing trade relations with China; and the blocking of Pennsylvania
Avenue during morning rush hour while the Executive Directors of Friends
of the Earth and Ozone Action (who were, incidentally, chained to each
other at the time) gave speeches about the adverse effects of trade
liberalization that is unaccompanied by attention to environmental
protection.  They and various other protesters have been arrested over
the past few days.

So far, there has been no violence, or publicized threat of violence,
committed by protesters.  In fact, all protesters affiliated with the
organized effort make a commitment to nonviolence that includes not
carrying weapons of any sort, not abusing anyone physically or verbally
(including the police), and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.  The
police, on the other hand, are acting like terrorism is imminent.  Much
of the apprehension about this weekend, Meg and I believe, is being
caused by the actions of the police themselves.  I personally have seen
and heard MANY very clear cases of police intimidation, including gangs
of police vehicles parading past protest headquarters, following and
photographing of protesters, etc.

Although the Unitarian Universalist Association does not have
resolutions that specifically address IMF/World Bank issues, our General
Assemblies have made countless statements about the issues at question
here: poverty, environmental destruction, adequate labor standards and
compensation, democracy. There will be hundreds of Unitarian
Universalists in town and involved.  We encourage you to take an
interest in World Bank/IMF issues. We hope you will look at media
reports with a critical eye.  Whether or not you agree with the
protesters' demands or their style of protest, they are doing a great
job of sparking discussion of these important issues.  Consider taking
advantage of the opportunity to hold a forum or discussion.

Here are two excellent articles about what's going on.  The first
provides some factual background on the IMF and World Bank; the second
looks at Haiti as a case in point.  The Washington Post has lots of
coverage (sometimes good, sometimes not) of what's going on.

IMF, World Bank Staff Bristle at Bad-Guy Role

Free Market Left Haiti's Rice Growers Behind

Washington Office for Faith in Action
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
Elizabeth Capone-Newton, Legislative Assistant (•••@••.•••)
Rob Cavenaugh, Legislative Director (•••@••.•••)
Theresa Kashin, Administrator (•••@••.•••)
The Rev. Meg A. Riley, Director (•••@••.•••)
tel/  202-296-4672
fax/ 202-296-4673
2026 P Street NW
Washington  DC  20036-6907


TITLE : DC Police  Excuses, Are They Legal
DATE : 15 April, 2000
AUTHOR : Free Burma Independent Media, Rangoon Post Co-Editor, P.
CONTACT : •••@••.••• / 301-603-8845

   Ever since the night of Wednesday night, it is becoming more and more
apparent that the A16 groups and IMC - Independent Media Center are
being spied upon by DC's District 1 and 3 police.

1) On Wednesday night, a van was pulled over by 12 cycle cops, 1
under-cover and 2 marked cars after it departed the "Covergence" site
and stopped on U. St. N.W.  They were charged under chapter 36
"Implements of Crime" section 22-3601 "Possession of implements of a
crime", trucked away and towed within 10 minutes.  The charge refers to
the lock-boxes or pipes and chicken-wire used typically to lock their
arms together in CD - Civil Disobedience.  Now, what reasons would they
have to stop the van.

2) On Friday night, they raided a house on the supposed sharp-eyes of a
3rd district policeman.  They claimed to have had a warrent upon
entering the house.

3) Why do the police come down the back alley where the IMC (Independent
Media Center) is located and circle only around that part of the alley
intersection and not the other roads of the intersection ? They gave out
parking tickets in the alley to cars parked in the back because
apparently there is a city law saying that the 60 foot wide alley is
non-allowable to park in.

4) On district 1 police broadcasts, the Police have reported seeing a
demonstrator on the street whom was arrested earlier in the week and
then released. The police are reporting on every grouping of 10 or more
people.  Today on Friday, there were demonstrations or so-called
sightings of demonstrators in Lafayette Park, 17th and H st.; New
Hampshire and Dupont Circle; as well as the truckload of manure dumped
in front of the Worldbank.

5) A IMC news videographer was forcibly pushed off the street by a
police officer near Dupont Circle on Friday.

6) On Thursday, a demonstrator was arrested for beating on a marked or
un-marked police car.  He was charged with "Unlawfully beating on a

   Do the Police have the right to interfere with the Constitutional
Rights of the demonstrators for Freedom of Speech? Does Civil
Disobedience rate as freedom of speech or as an equal to flag burning?
And are those pipes the implements of a crime?



Chapter 36 - Implements of a Crime
    Section : 22-3601 Possession of implements of crime; penalty.

No person shall have in his or her possession in the District any
instrument,  tool, or implement for picking locks or pockets, with the
intent to use such  instrument, tool, or implemement to commit a crime.
Whoever violate this  section shall be imprisoned for not more than 180
days and may be fined not  more than $1,000, unless the violation occurs
after he or she has been  convicted in the District of a violation of
this section or of a felony,  either in the District or another
jurisdiction, in which case he or she shall  be imprisoned for not less
than one year nor more than 5 years.

(June 29, 1953, 67 Stat.97, ch.159, §209(a); 1973 Ed. § 22-3601;
Aug.5,1981, D.C. Law 4-29, § 604(a)(2), 28 DCR 3081; Nov. 17, 1981,
D.C.Law  4-52, § 3(g), 28 DCR 4348; May 21, 1994, D.C. Law 10-119, §
9(C), 41 DCR 1639; Aug. 20, 1994. D.C. Law 10-151, § 110(b), 41 DCR
2608; June 3, 1997,  D.C. Law 11-275, § 11, 44 DCR 1408.)

*** 2)  L.A. protest to bring Mobilization to Clinton/Gore at fundraiser
this evening

Subject:  Bring D.C. Mobilization to Clinton/Gore in L.A. Sat. April 15!

Date:  Fri, 14 Apr 2000 00:13:52 -0700
From:  Ron Rowe <•••@••.•••>
To:  Sleepless Post-Seattle <•••@••.•••>

Can't be in D.C. for all the fun of this week's Mobilization for Global
Justice protests and teach-ins on the World Bank, IMF, "star wars"
missile defense system, militarization of space and other topics of
corporate-military globalization?  Well, you're not alone.  Bill Clinton
& Al Gore won't be there either.  The Associated Press reported earlier
this week that as protesters converge on Washington D.C., "President
Clinton, who flew into Seattle hours after police had battled
demonstrators near his hotel in December, will be a continent away this
weekend in California."

But don't feel too bad for Bill and Al.  They won't have to miss out on
all the fun after all!  If they can't come to the Mobilization, then the
Mobilization will just have to come to them!  The Pres and his sidekick
will be in Beverly Hills this Saturday evening for a little "meet and
greet" with some of their closest friends' money, and YOU'RE ALL
INVITED!!!  If you don't have a spare $100,000 lying around for the
fundraising dinner, don't let that keep you away!  The Gathering and
Protest outside are FREE!!!  Bill and Al, you can RUN from Washington,
but you can't HIDE from the PEOPLE!!!

                                * * * * * * * * * *

SAT. APRIL 15, 6:00 PM


Join your friends (not to mention Clinton, Gore, Geffen, Katzenberg and
their closest donors) at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. The protest
will take place near the main gate of Greystone Park and Mansion,
located at the corner of Loma Vista Drive and Doheny Road (that's Doheny
ROAD, NOT Doheny Drive) about a quarter mile North of Sunset Blvd.
Doheny Road is an East/West street.  Heading West on Sunset, just as you
enter the residential area of Beverly Hills, at the West end of the
Sunset Strip, as Sunset turns to the left, you turn right onto Doheny
Road.  If you don't come in your limousine, it's OKAY!

And You Think You've Seen All The Horror Stories?
-- Coming soon to a community near you!
"We Know What You Did In the Last 8 Years" starring the Masters of
Deception and the Big Money Players!
"Honey, I Shrank Your Jobs" with a Cast of Millions, shot on location in
the U.S. and around the world!
"The Wizard of Ooze" featuring Occidental Petro as The Repressor of the
"The Incredible Shrinking Paycheck" sinking faster than the Titanic!
"Race To the Bottom" Sold Out! Politicians (both parties) front for the
Alphabet Gang WTO, IMF, MAI, FTAA!

Sponsored by the Southern California Fair Trade Network, Colombia Action
Project, Peace Center Coalition, International Action Center, CISPES and
For info contact 323-852-0721

*** 3)  D.C. Mobilization coverage on C-SPAN

C-SPAN Networks Schedule http://www.c-span.org/
Mobilization for Global Justice coverage Sun. April 16, Mon. April 17

C-SPAN scheduled coverage -- Sunday, 04/16/2000:

         09:00 am (Eastern Time), length: 1:00 (est.), LIVE
         IMF/World Bank Meetings
         C-SPAN, Washington Journal
         Washington, District of Columbia (United States)

         11:00 am (Eastern Time), length: 6:00 (est.), LIVE
         (The beginning and end of this live program may be earlier or
later than the scheduled times.)
         Protest Against the International Monetary Fund
         Mobilization for Global Justice
         Washington, District of Columbia (United States)
         Robinson, Randall, Executive Director, TransAfrica
         Nader, Ralph, Presidential Candidate, Green Party
         Trumka, Richard, President, United Mine Workers
         Ireland, Patricia, President, National Organization for Women
         Fire, Edward, Secretary-Treasurer, International Brotherhd. of
Elec. Worker
         Becker, George, President, United Steel Workers of America,
         Kucinich, Dennis, U.S. Representative, D-OH
         Harnage, Bobby, President, American Federation of Govt.

         05:01 pm (Eastern Time), length: 1:29 (est.)
         News Conference
         IMF/ World Bank News Conference
         World Bank
         Washington, District of Columbia (United States)

C-SPAN scheduled coverage -- Monday, 04/17/2000:

         12:00 pm (Eastern Time), length: 4:00 (est.), LIVE
         (The beginning and end of this live program may be earlier or
later than the scheduled times.)
         IMF/ World Bank Protest Rally
         Mobilization for Global Justice
         Washington, District of Columbia (United States)
         Mazzocchi, Tony, Member, Oil, Chemical, & Atomic Workers Union

*** 4)  D.C. Mobilization Satellite broadcast April 21st

Subject:  [imc-dc] A-16 PROGRAMING ALERT - Independent Media Center - DC

Date:  Fri, 14 Apr 2000 02:40:08 -0400
From:  Michael Eisenmenger <•••@••.•••>
To:  •••@••.•••

Updates, additional programming information and descriptions will be
posted to http://papertiger.org/uplink.html and

CONTACT: DEEP DISH, Tom Poole or Jessie Epstein (212) 473-8933,
or PAPER TIGER TV, Carlos Pareja (212) 420-9045

Independent Media Satellitecast from A-16 in D.C.


The Independent Media Center is pleased to announce television for the
rest of us. Featuring on the spot noncommercial, non-corporate coverage
and analysis of the IMF/World bank events in Washington DC.  This
programming is available for free usage by public access stations and
PBS affiliates for local cablecasts and broadcasts. Commercial
broadcasters will need to contact the IMC-DC for rights and approval

This satellitecast features two hours of programming on the issues of
globalism and the IMF/World Bank and events in DC. One hour of events
and analysis in DC and one hour of background programming.

Contact your local public access center and/or PBS affiliate and tell
them you want to see these shows on TV in your community! Give them the
satellite information below.

Something to Hide
Produced by Crowing Rooster Arts
Today in the global economy, corporations hide their production around
the world behind locked factory gates, armed guards and 15 foot high
concrete walls topped with razor wire. The companies refuse to release
to the American people the names and locations of the factories they
use. What are they trying to hide?

We have the right to know where, in which country and in which factory,
under what human rights conditions, and at what wages the products we
purchase are made.

28 minutes 1999.

Hurricane Mitch: Uncovering The Costs of External Debt
Produced by Victoria Maldonado
In October 1998 Hurricane Mitch swept through Central America causing
unprecedented damage in Honduras and Nicaragua. The severity of the
destruction and the amount of time needed to restabilize uncovered a
deeper crisis; an economic crisis, caused in great part by years of
heavy external debt burdens which prioritize debt payments and
international markets over people.

This video enables viewers to hear from the people of Nicaragua and
Honduras who know they are paying off this debt with their lives. They
tell of their struggle to expose the global imbalance of wealth and the
need to break the crippling cycle of indebtedness. They challenge their
government officials and the citizens of wealthy nations to work for
change, especially in the wake of this natural disaster.

28 minutes 1999.
"Breaking the Bank: A Challenge to the IMF / World Bank"
Produced by the Independent Media Center - DC
A collaborative production by the video collectives that produced
"Showdown in Seattle" which brought the words and images that you didn't
hear or see in the corporate media. Breaking the Bank will provide a
critical look at the past misdeeds of these increasingly unpopular
institutions and examine the alternatives for more democratic forms of
equity on a global scale. Look for an ample amount of coverage of people
on the street as those coming to DC will likely be making a few
'structural adjustments' of their own. Many more individuals will be
coming together to contribute to this program, including segments
produced by youth groups. Anything and everything will be possible in DC
on the weekend of A-16, and you can expect to find the real stories here
and at www.indymedia.org.

"Breaking the Bank" is produced for the Independent Media Center and
Deep Dish Satellite TV by Big Noise Productions, Changing America,
Downtown Community TV, Headwaters Action Video Collective, Paper Tiger
TV, Sleeping Giant Productions, VideoActive and Whispered Media, and
many more video activists working in collaboration with the Independent
Media Center-Washington.
Two 28 minute programs, 2000


Satellite Information

Date: FRIDAY, APRIL 21st, 2000
Time: 14:00-16:00 (2:00-4:00 pm EASTERN.)
Transponder: TELSTAR 7C-21
Band: C
Orbital Position: 129 DEGREES
Carrier: LORAL
Bandwidth: 36 MHz
Downlink Freq: 4120 MHz(H)


Updates, additional programming information and descriptions will be
posted to http://papertiger.org/uplink.html and

Also visit the web sites of the coordinating producers:
Big Noise Films: http:www.bignoisefilms.com
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Paper Tiger Television: http://papertiger.org
Whispered Media http://whisperedmedia.org
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