cj#1153> Why rig an election if the outcome is irrelevant?


Richard Moore

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Subject: Re: cj#1147> Florida is the tip of the iceberg...
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 19:42:42 -0000

Why rig an election if the outcome is irrelevant to the 
advancement of your agenda?



Howdy fellow Wexfordite,

If the outcome is irrlevant to your agenda, then there is
little reason to rig anything.  But in the case of the
recent election, what precisely is the 'outcome' and what is
the 'agenda'?  I suggest there are  several of each involved
in this scenario.

Clearly it makes no real difference to the regime which
puppet playboy dines in the White House for the next four
years.  That 'outcome' is as you suggest, irrelevant to

Another outcome, quite likely, is the abolition of the
electoral- college system.  I'm not sure that would make a
decisive difference in anything, but it is one more step
away from locally-based democracy, and one step closer to
totally centralized advertising  campaigns in place of
political campaigns.

Other outcomes of the election are increased divisiveness in
the population and increased disrespect for political
institutions. These are what I consider to be the
significant outcomes from a strategic perspective, and these
are very much relevant to the regime's agenda of
disenfranchisment and its tactics of divide-and-rule.

You might ask why I look for 'strategic outcomes' in this
recent scenario.  I've learned to pay attention to the various
media circuses that come along periodically in U.S. media. 
I've observed that each of these recurring dramas captures
everyone's attention, and that in each case there are camels
being smuggled behind the circus farce.  It has become an
effective propaganda genre, accelerating the achievement of
elite objectives.

best regards,