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Richard Moore

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 03:45:56 -0700
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> > My last bit, though, is that for a fully functioning society (not only
> > economically, but socially, culturally and emotionally), all three
> > sectors are essential. Both government and corporations play useful
> > roles (the trick is to keep them in their right place), and both should
> > leave space for a third arena to exist where citizens can participate
> > >from motives other that the pure quest for power or profits.
> >
> > And this requires evolving mechanisms quite different from the tyranny of
> > central planification and regulation... and the equal but much less often
> > denounced tyranny of "the market".
> >
> > Thoughts on this, anyone?

    The last best idea on this, first suggested by Thomas Jefferson in the
Declaration of Independence, was called democracy, in which the
participation of the people in the decision making process would be
encouraged to the maximum extent possible.  State-of-the-art management
science currently supports this old idea, although many people remain
skeptical.  Giving up individual power to sustain the more powerful general
welfare of the people may be an effective remedy but no lightning has
struck yet.

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