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A month old, yet timely and historically interesting. The rest of the web
site (bottom) is worth viewing now and then. Butler


*Germany Alert*, 11 August 1995, includes the following brief article:


       SARAJEVO. United Nations officials, Great Britain and France are
among the stunned parties to that German-planned, U.S. backed Croatian
blitzkrieg that has set off the largest human refugee catastrophe in Europe
since World War II.

       Croatia used tanks and guns supplied by Germany (most of them from
the former East German army) as it shelled refugees trying to flee its
troops, most of whom were trained by the German *Bundeswehr*.

        In Zagreb,  president Franjo Tudjman, a nationalist and
anti-Semitic, thanked Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Foreign Minister Klaus
Kinkel for all their support.

       Tudjman had a lot to be thankful for. In addition to inventing
Croatia five years ago (as it did under Hitler, the only other time the
place was called "independent"), Germany ran the public relations blitz
which accompanied the battle plan.

       A contingent from the German interior ministry, two units from
Bonn's foreign affairs department and German media specialists believed to
be BND espionage agents stage managed a highly successful effort to
minimized negative Croatian press.

       UN officials, French officials, British military brass and
journalists expressed astonishment that Croatian atrocities, like the
shelling of fleeing Serbian refugees, received very low level "play" in the
media compared to atrocities blamed on Serbs.

       A Dutch military official, who declined to be quoted by name,
declared that Germany and the U.S. had succeeded in internationalizing the
Yugoslav civil war in their action. "That is the most irresponsible action
of all," the official said.


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