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Richard, a little dated (early this year), but informative overall. I've
said to many during the last few months that if I were a Bosnian Serb I'd
be saying "Never again!". And here it is being said by Jews on the Serbs'
behalf. Interesting.


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         from Jewish Frontier, January/February 1995

        While the Jewish Frontier, along with all advocates of humane
behavior, abhors the slaughter in Bosnia, we feel it appropriate to publish
a statement by survivors of Buchenwald on the historic background of the
Serb-Bosnian conflict, sent to us by John Ranz, chairman of Survivors of
the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, USA.

                         *   *   *

        The gigantic campaign to brainwash America by our media against the
Serbian people is just incredible, with its daily dose of one-sided
information and outright lies. The Croats and Bosnian Moslems are portrayed
as the "good" people. It is an outstanding achievement by the powerful
public relations Madison Avenue "Boys" who have at their disposal large
amounts of money provided by a coalition of our oil companies and the
Moslem countries.

     To our shame, the Moslem Bosnians, with their powerful backers, seem
even to convince some Jewish "leaders" who indirectly help the murderers of
our people in their war to subjugate the Serbs.

     We are not being told that the Croatian Nazi collaborators and the
Bosnian-Moslem SS Nazi units killed 95% of the Jewish people in Yugoslavia
during World War II.

     We are also not being told that the same Bosnian-Moslem and Croat Nazi
allies massacred 900,000 Serbs and the entire Gypsy population (20,000 or
more) of men, women and children, just as they did to the Jews.

     We are not being told by our media that the Serbs were our allies and
it was they who helped defeat Hitler and save many Jews in Yugoslavia.

     Every Jew, every victim of Nazism and every human being ought to know
and understand why the Serbs are so desperately fighting against such
powerful forces and why they adopted our post-Holocaust slogan of "Never

     The Serbs decided that NEVER AGAIN will they submit to being ruled by
those who killed their fathers, mothers, brothers and children. The Serbs
still remember what their survivors witnessed: the concentration camps, the
extermination of entire Serbian villages by the Nazis and their helpers -
the Croats and Bosnian Moslems. Next to the Jews, the Serbs were the most
tortured nation in Europe by their "good" neighbors.

     Our media does not tell that the Bosnian Moslems had two SS divisions
fighting at Stalingrad on the side of the Nazis, in the most crucial battle
that decided a Nazi victory or defeat. It was a deal made by the Mufti of
Jerusalem with Hitler. The Mufti would provide Moslem "volunteers" to the
Russian front in exchange for a promise by Hitler to "eliminate" the Jewish
community in the then Palestine.

     What would have happened if these Bosnian collaborators, together with
their Nazi masters, had defeated the Russians at Stalingrad? It would not
be six million dead Jews but eleven million. Not a single Jew would have
survived in all of Europe. It wouldn't be twenty million Russians dead but
rather 60-70 million including the 3.5 million Jews there. And the Serbs,
what would their fate be? The Nazis and their Croat-Ustashi partners
planned to exterminate one third of the Serbs, convert another third, and
banish the other third deep into Siberia to die out there as slave

     Would we want to go back live under Nazi rule? The world's most
degenerate murderers? Obviously not. Then why should the Serbs agree to
live under their rule after their bitter experiences?

     Haven't the Serbs suffered enough? Weren't they murdered in
concentration camps together with the Jews and Gypsies?


     In just one death-camp, Jasenovac, 200,000 Serbs, men, women and
children, among them 20,000 Jews and Gypsies, were slaughtered. Jasenovac
was the Balkan Auschwitz. The Croats of today, under President Tudjman,
completely eliminated all traces of Jasenovac. Perhaps it was unpleasant to
see what the Ustashi Croats did to the Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. Imagine if
they razed Auschwitz or Buchenwald to the ground. No more bad memories;
these victims never existed. Yes, the Serbs shared our fate; we died
together in the open pits, murdered by the Nazis and their allies (see
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, Jerusalem).

     The last remaining Jews in Yugoslavia, who were haunted day and night
like animals, hid in the cold mountains or wandered in the open forests,
had nowhere to go except when they found a Serbian peasant, himself in
fear, who disreetly left open his barn door for them until the next
morning. (Read Hinko Gotlieb: "Kadish in the Serbian Mountains.")

     ALL THE SERBS IN BOSNIA WANT IS TO BE FREE and independent in the
territories where they reside in compact masses, where they are a majority
and if they decide to do so, join with  Serbia proper. Serbs in Bosnia
before the war inhabited 64% of the land there, but the Moslems want to
continue to rule over them. The Serbs say: "NEVER AGAIN."

     The Croatian regime wants to rule Krajina, an area that has an
overwhelming Serbian majority. However, if an exchange of population is
needed, the Serbs are ready for it, but they are not willing to go back
into slavery under their former opressors.

                          THE NEW CROATIA

     What is today's reality? The murderers of Jews, Serbs, and Gypsies are
back from the U.S., Canada, Argentina where they fled after World War II.
These criminals were never punished. There were no trials of Nazi criminals
in Yugoslavia after the war. They are now restoring the Nazi symbols; they
eliminated anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist monuments. Their military units use Nazi
slogans like "Sieg Heil." President Tudjman announced that he is happy that
his wife is neither "of Serb or Jewish ancestry." He declared that "not six
million Jews died in the Nazi Holocaust but less than one million."

     The international Nazi organizations (including the U.S. branch)
announced a drive for volunteers to fight in Bosnia and Croatia against the
Serbs, the Communists, and the Jews. (See the U.S. Nazi organ "The New
Order" of January/February 1993; copies are available upon request.)

                        THE NEW BOSNIA

     President Izetbegovic of Bosnia recently declared that the new Bosnia
will be ruled on "strictly Islamic principles." In his book he states:
"Islam cannot tolerate other ideologies." This is the "new multiculturalist
Bosnia," a Bosnia that will be ruled by the same principles as Iran which
promised one million dollars to the killer of Salman Rushdie, a Moslem
poet-philosopher who dared to criticize Islam.

                 THE ROLE OF KOHL'S GERMANY

     What Hitler could not achieve by war and millions of dead, to control
the Balkans, Kohl wants to achieve by "pieceful means." To get a foothold
there, he rushed to recognize the breakaway Croatia and Bosnia, knowing
well that the Serbs cannot agree to again be ruled by their murderers and
opressors. This is the same Mr. Kohl who insisted that President Reagan go
to Bitburg and place flowers at the graves of the SS. Perhaps he forgave
them; we did not. The Serbs didn't either. We, survivirs of the Holocaust,
understand the Serbs well in their struggle for freedom and so should every
decent human being.

     The Serbs fought the Nazis, they paid a terrible price for standing at
the side of the Allies against Hitler. Humanity owes them a debt of
gratitude. They saved many allied soldiers including hundreds of American
fliers. They welcomed Jewish partisans as brothers. They earned the right
to be free, to be independent or to join in with the rest of Serbia.

     Hitler bombed the Serbs for their stubborn resistance. Are our
President and NATO going to follow in the same direction (instead of
finding a peaceful political solution)?

     I shudder to think of it. Hitler and Clinton, no, it cannot be.


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