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Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 00:00:14 -0700
Sender: •••@••.••• (John Lowry)
Subject: Re: cj#270> Yves re: Corp Tax Giveaways

Hey, you guys haven't seen anything, yet.  Wait till these newfangled repubs
put an end to "double taxation" as they call it -- meaning they will end
corporate taxation altogether!  They are perfectly serious about this!  They
believe that incorporation is a "right" of anyone doing business, but that
the benefits of incorporation should incur no tax liability.  What a joke.


This kind of gets back to robots taking over the world.  Corporations
started out as a business-convenience fiction, then were granted civil
rights by U.S. courts, naturally live forever (pauperism being the
principal cause of death), are bigger and stronger than humans, and perhaps
(as above) may become exempt from taxes altogether -- in short, they are
the privileged upper class, and the rest of us are the peons.


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