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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:38:20 -0700
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Subject: RKM re: Corp Tax Giveaways

On Mon, 9 Oct 1995, Richard K. Moore wrote:

> William Greider, in "Who Will Tell the
> People?" reports that one of the major consequences of the Reagan era was
> the "gutting of the tax codes" -- in particular, the drastic reductions in
> corporate taxation.
> Another thing: in all the campaign talk about restructuring tax burdens in
> the last U.S. presidential election, which talked about rich, poor, and
> middle class _individuals_, the issue of _corporate_ taxation was
> conspicuously absent.

Don't forget one factor: the unhealthy competition between governments
around the world to attract large corporations with tax exemptions.
Country X offers a 10-year tax haven to BigCorp, which takes advantage of
it. Once the free ride is over, BigCorp puts this facility on the block
and JapCorp buys it... under the condition that the tax rebate continue
-- and that the local government give up land taxes in the bargain.
Meanwhile, BigCorp has found that State Y or Province W is offering
tax-free status in the Z Industrial Park, so it moves its operation
there... and so on and so forth.

Let this merry-go-round continue for three or four decades, and you end
up where we are today: the public tills are empty, the citizens (who
can't move around at will) are overtaxed, while corporations make more
money than ever while paying fewer taxes... and fewer salaries.

Yves Leclerc          Dead-End Democracy? or open-ended government...
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Yeah, that does put things in better perspective: while people pay taxes to
governments, governments pay taxes to corporations!  (only slight
exaggeration, given that municipal services in industrial areas frequenly
exceed taxes collected).


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