cj#284> re: Human Rights & The NWO


Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 15:47:34 -0700
Sender: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
Subject: Re: cj#282> Article: Human Rights & The NWO

    Hi Richard,

    I just read "Human Rights and The New World Order" and was favorably
impressed as usual.  I plan to send hard-copies to both of my sisters
and their husbands (they're not on-line), and will forward it to a few
others I know, including that group of professional associates to whom I
have forwarded your stuff before.

    You are clearly leaving room for the "achievers" of the world as well
as the down-trodden, for all of us to sustain "life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness."

    I should have put "Dear Mr. Dragonslayer" in my salutation, because
your article (like the others) not only "leaves room" for people and
liberty, but it also strikes a blow at the Beast.  This is a bold and
valiant deed, for which good people of the world are in your debt.

    I wonder if that reactionary Ryan Wilson, who you quoted the other
day has enough mental capacity to see that this is no "crying liberal
piece" of anything.  This is CLEAR VISION.  As I read it, you champion
"free enterprise, entrepreneurial capitalism, [and] classical free market
economics" as well as peoples' right to "promote their own self-interest"
through social welfare legislation, collective bargaining, and the several
other items you listed, including imposing taxes on corporate profits. The
notion that these two elements are contradictory is simply part of the
propaganda program of the NWO.

    I am about as white as you can get without being an albino, and I
treasure my heritage both genetic and cultural (even though I can't deny
that the best music in the world is jazz).  One difference between people
like Mr. Wilson and people like me is that I am aware of how natural it
is for people of all colors to feel the same way about their own heritage.
If Mr. Wilson thinks he is among some majority of white folks who think
they are superior, I believe he is profoundly mistaken.  I think most of
all people of all colors know that while we are fabulously different, we
are essentially all the same, and the best and most foul have worn all of
our skins through the ages.  When THE TIME comes, I believe Mr. Wilson
and his ilk are going to find themselves quite lonely.

    Ryan Wilson's words are disgraceful and they make me ashamed of him.
I can only hope he was just in a bad mood that day, and possibly didn't
expect to be quoted in CJ, but whether _he_ is sick or not, I know there
are dangerous, twisted people out there in the world, so there will be
times that we need to fight for our freedoms, for our families and for
our communities.

    This is just a statement of appreciation and an attempt to stand up
for you, for CyberJournal and for humanity.  My $.02!

    - Joseph C. Ferguson