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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995
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Subject: GovAccess.222.snoops: monitoring; NSA; power spies; cellular; ...

Web Site on Encryption and Privacy
Internet Domain-Name Registration "Constitutes consent to monitoring"!!!
Spooks Are Everwhere! -- InterNIC, Psychics, AND the Republican Nat'l Committee
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[Alleged] Email Address for Netscape's Honcho, Jim "Key Escrow" Clark


Web Site on Encryption and Privacy

Date: 7 Dec 1995 16:48:04 -0800
From: "Mary Connors" <•••@••.•••>

In case you haven't stumbled on it, the Netsurfer Focus on Encryption and
Privacy is worth a look.  It is at



Internet Domain-Name Registration "Constitutes consent to monitoring"!!!

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 11:53:41 -0700
From: Rishab Aiyer Ghosh <•••@••.•••>  [via •••@••.•••]

In the InterNIC notice on fees for domain names that marks the end of an
era [free registration],

I noticed this gem of a postscript:

   Please be advised that use constitutes consent to monitoring

   (Elec Comm Priv Act, 18 USC 2701-2711).


Spooks Are Everwhere! -- InterNIC, Psychics, AND the Republican Nat'l Committee

If you didn't see this in Web Review, on Sept. 26th -- Stephen Pizzo,
National Affairs Senior Editor for Web Review [http://gnn.com/wr/], is the
guy who researched and wrote a fascinating article.


The InterNIC is the Internet's Network Information Center, originally
created by the government's National Science Foundation. It is the singular
operation that assigns almost all of the Internet domain names in the
United States.

Network Solutions Inc., is the private for-profit contractor to which the
Clinton administration awarded the monopoly contract to run the InterNIC,
in May, 1993, that wasn't supposed to expire until March 31, 1998.

The innocuously named Scientific Applications International Corporation
(SAIC) is the $2-billion government contractor located in military-laden
San Diego -- that purchased 100% owership of Network Solutions in May,

Within four months of SAIC's taking control of Network Solutions, including
its contract that wasn't to expire until 1998, it demanded that all current
and future Internet domain-name owners must pay annual fees for each name,
and even demanded immediate advance payment for the first two years.  It's
nice to be a government-granted monopoly.


Pizzo also reported:

SAIC's current Board members include:
Admiral Bobby Inman, former NSA head and deputy director of the CIA
Melvin Laird, Nixon's Secretary of Defense
General Max Thurman, retired, commander of Reagan's Panama Invasion

Recently departed SAIC Board members include:
William Perry, Clinton's current Secretary of Defense
John Deutch, Clinton's current CIA director
Robert Gates, Bush's former CIA director (resigned in 1994 to join TRW's Board)

[Note: TRW runs one of the largest personal-information databases in the
nation, emmassing extensive details about all financial and personal
aspects of the lives and activities of many millions of U.S. citizens.
TRW, TransUnion and Equifax are the largest personal credit-tracking
corporations in the nation.]

More than 90% of SAIC's current income is from government contracts. More
than half of those are in defense, intelligence and federal law

Current SAIC contracts include re-engineering information systems at the
Pentagon, automation of the FBI's computerized fingerprint identification
system, and building a national criminal history information system.

These current contracts are in spite of the fact that SAIC has been
variously indicted and sued by the Justice Department on ten felony counts
for defrauding the government (SAIC pleaded guilty) and for civil fraud on
an F-15 fighter contract.


Pizzo's September article also reported, "When the Republican National
Committee needed an Internet service provider to build and maintain a web
page for the party's 1996 presidential campaign efforts, SAIC got the job."


And oh yes, in a recent phone conversation, Steve said that SAIC also ran
the CIA's recently-cancelled psychics program, where our Central
Intelligence Agency used various ESP practitioners for decades, in their
"intelligence" gathering.

There, now ... don't you feel safer?




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