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Richard Moore

Date:         Mon, 18 Dec 1995
Subject:      Haiti under CIA fist

>From: •••@••.••• Subject: Haitians under CIA fist
       The more we read about Haiti, the truth I mean, the more we
realise that the two-parties of succeeding US Administrations
allow the American people two choices -like between Dracula and
his father, or like between Grendel and his mother- (from

        Haiti Infm Bureau provides the horror story of the kind of
'support and protection' offered by the US govt, which is exactly
the same kindly support and protection, that in the past and
still, protects, nurtures,arms and funds the individuals and
organisations pitted in a deadly battle against those struggling
for justice, democracy and change. The pseudo-democrary applied by
Republicans and Democrats against their own people, with a hand
picked group of 'Allied' military, UN and US Special Forces staff
dealing out that US injustice, has re-created a nightmarish
repression for Haitians.

         In the present electoral period the "occult" crimes of US
imperialism and support of the CIA, US embassy, Pentagon, US army
and the State Dept are openly assisting the groups, who in 1991
achieved a coup d'etat against Aristide's properly elected govt
and who, although repeatedly exposed, still terrorise and murder
at will. Emmanuel Constant, CIA corrupted killer of thousands of
innocents over ten years, leader of the FRAPH death squads,
spilled his 'soul' on CBS News, confirming his $700 per month
retainer from CIA and its involvement in and foreknowledge of the
activities of those deaths. He was their choice in the setting up
of the squads.

        Constant led the CIA organised group of Fraph, Macoutes
and Police who 'scared' away the proposed landing of USSHarlan
County with its Marines, as part of the effort to not return
Aristide to Haiti. Aristide was later allowed to return but only
till the present elections were organised then he had to resign,
after being carefully controlled each day by US democratic
'minders'. "I feel like that beautiful woman that everyone wants
to go to bed with at night, but not during the daytime," he said,
referring to his CIA relationship and their need to do everything
in secret. The Media beatup this Harlan County theatre incident
-to save American lives, and to provide a reason for the following
US invasion to restore the usual pseudo 'democracy'.

      The Nation reporter, Allan Nairn last week reported that CIA
had presented FRAPH approx 8000 sub-machine guns, fragmentation
grenades and pistols via Miami, (Cuban mafia again?) during the US
naval blockade. Nairn also said that US policy was to return
Aristide but derail his populist program. FRAPH was the paid link.

      Constant said that neither then nor at any other time was he
told to pull back from his methods, but encoouraged: "They always
praised my quality as a leader and possible Aristide successor!"
After the US invasion, Fraph continued to get special consider-
ation. Those unknowingly arrested were immediately released -no
matter what the crime. Most were later retrained in the US and
recycled to Haiti as "policemen". The 2000 US Special Forces were
told to cooperate with and protect soldiers and Fraphers, while
CIA people fanned out across the country to recruit new CIA

       We also have a few thousand CIA based in Australia. Usual
methods apply with corruption of political leaders,who have agreed
to protect US interests especially in Indonesia, West Papua.(cont)


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