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Richard Moore

Date: 28 Dec 95
>From: Robert Ward <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#366> J Warren ideas on Campaign Reform (Comments?)

There are similar concerns in the UK, though we don't have the same scale of
problem that you seem to have in the US.

There has been some recent kerfuffle over MPs receiving payment (or rather
apparently agreeing to accept payment) for asking questions in the House, which
has led to some redrawing of the Parliamentary rules for receiving outside money
for such activities as being "parliamentary consultants", i.e., lobbyists. The
Conservative party has also been criticised for allegedly accepting substantial
contributions from foreigners.

Financing political campaigns is always a vexatious problem. The idea of
restricting to personal contributions sounds OK, but doesn't it suffer from the
difficulty that it automatically biases campaigns (even more) towards the
well-heeled? There is a school of thought that it should be done either
partially or wholly through some form of state funding; that in turn is open to
the criticism that it places a barrier against start-up or "one-issue" parties.

>>  silly ol' First Amendment things about right to assemble and peaceable
petition for redress of grievences, and freedom of expression <<

Don't knock 'em! We could use them over here even if you don't want them ...

BTW : I thought the "Federalist" papers were largely written by Alexander
Hamiltonn and James Madison?

Robert Ward


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