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Richard Moore

Dear CJ,

I sent an announcement of the cyberjournal list out to the NEW-LIST list
(which has about 15,000 subscribers).  As a result we got over 100 new
subscribers to CJ overnight.  I imagine these new folks are dipping their
toes in the water to see if cyberjournal has something to offer them.

In order to give them an "instant take" on the flavor of the list, I've put
together a "cyberlib-TOC": a Table of Contents and brief summary of each of
the articles stored in cyberlib.

Please don't think you need to agree with these ideas in order to
participate in CJ -- the point is to discuss these issues and educate each
other as to the true situation and what we can do about it.

Welcome to CJ,


CYBER-LIB TOC - 30 December 1995

o About-CyberLib

  Informational file about cyberlib and the cyber-rights and cyberjournal


o Articles-by-RKM/

  Folder containing articles I've written.

  o Common-Sense-&NWO -- "Common Sense and The New World Order"

        A perspective on the global situation focusing on the NWO: the
        campaign by the global corporate elite to turn the clock back on
        political history -- the undermining of national sovereignty, the
        establishment of a new age of feudalism, and a rollback on the
        progress humanity has made toward democracy since 1776.  The NWO is
        analyzed in terms of its military, political, economic, social,
        ideological, and propaganda agendas.  This article appeared in
        the Fall '95 issue of New Dawn magazine.

  o Cyber-Robber-Barons -- "Cyberspace Inc and the Robber Baron Age,
                            an analysis of PFF's 'Magna Carta'"

        A detailed analysis of the Progress and Freedom Foundation's "Magna
        Carta".  The covert funding of Newt Gingrich by telco/media
        conglomerates is described, with PFF acting as a money-laundering
        middleman.  The propaganda techniques used in the MC are analyzed,
        and the proposed legislative agenda is exposed as a scheme to destroy
        the open Internet culture and replace it by a corporate owned,
        democratically sterile, marketing & propaganda medium (like TV.)

  o Doublespeak-&NWO -- "Doublespeak and The New World Order"

        A review of modern "vocabulary propaganda" in the NWO -- the
        deliberate abuse of words like "reform", "democracy", and "free"
        in order to channel people's thinking in a way that makes global
        corporate hegemony seem both desirable and inevitable.  Orwell was
        right on target.

  o Human-Rights-&NWO -- "Human Rights and The New World Order"

        A review of the savaging of human rights by the various agendas
        of the NWO.  Besides specific examples of humans rights abuses,
        four reasons are given why a corporate-dominated world must
        inevitably be detrimental to human rights.  The article is
        scheduled to appear in the Jan-Feb '96 issue of New Dawn.

  o International-Fascism -- "Notes on International Fascism"

        A brief overview of the systematic establishment of fascist
        regimes in the Third World, as a means of external corporate

  o New-Right-&Fascism -- "New Conservatism & Fascism"

        A brief perspective on the the American trend toward fascism --
        the dismantling of democratic institutions and constitutional
        protections, under the protective umbrella of the media's "big lies".

  o U.S-&Nazism -- "Nazism, Militias, and the Abuse of History"

        Striking parallels are identified between the rise of Hitler, and
        America's own path toward fascism -- the ridiculing of
        liberalism, the establishment of a police state, an appeal to a
        mythologized version of "traditional values", the denigration of
        democratic institutions, etc.


o CyberLib-TOC

  This file.


o Recommended-Reading

  A list of books offering useful perspectives and information, including
  works by Buckminster Fuller, William Greider, William Manchester, H. G.
  Wells, Howard Zinn, and others.


o reposted-Articles/

  Folder holding articles people have forwarded which provide important

  o GATT&NWO -- Kim Moody: "TRANSNATIONALS taking over world?"

        Moody looks at the real purposes behind GATT.  The introductory
                "If someone told you that the leaders of 125 nations had
        agreed to let 1000 or so transnational corporations take over the
        world and legitimize forced child labour, industrial home work,
        sweat shops and maybe even the `foreign regulation of America',
        you'd probably think they were some kind of conspiracy freak, or at
        the very least Ross Perot."

                          WE FACE A BLEAK FUTURE"

        Shniad focuses on "market economy" mythology, exposing the
        shallowness of the arguments supporting that notion, and the harmful
        consequences resulting from its implementation.  An excerpt:

           "So it's no wonder that we now hear endless
        propaganda from professors, columnists and
        announcers, all repeating the view that government
        should renounce any attempt to regulate the
        private sector; that because of globalization and
        free trade, economic activity is no longer
        susceptible to social control; and that government
        cannot play an active role in influencing economic
        outcomes even it wants to."

  o Guatemala-US-Coverup -- Greg Rosenberg: "Washington aims to cover
                            Guatemala link"

        Rosenberg begins:

           "The White House, Congress, and U.S. secret police
        apparatus are circling the wagons to prevent further
        disclosures of Washington's collaboration with the Guatemalan
        regime. A bipartisan effort is underway to halt recent
        revelations from cascading into a broader review of the U.S.
        government's decades-long backing of the Guatemalan military,
        which has slaughtered some 110,000 people since 1978."

  o Nader-on-Corp-Welfare -- a letter from Ralph Nader to Bob Dole

        Nader enumerates ten instances of government giveaways to corporations,
        amounting to many billions of dollars.  He concludes his letter:

           "Unfortunately, many members of Congress are unwilling to look
        beyond social programs to the corporate welfare programs when
        evaluating possible budget cuts.  I hope you will expand your
        horizons in this holiday season and consider budget cuts for the
        not-so-needy corporations."

  o Norman&Quin-CIA&Drugs -- James Norman: radio interview with Jim Quinn.

        Quinn describes the scope of the CIA's involvement in the drug
        trade, and how that relates to the arms trade.  He also talks about
        the Inslaw case, and the CIA's ability to monitor worldwide financial
        transactions by means of a trapdoor embedded in a widely
        used piece of banking software.  He explains how the Whitewater
        investigation is being carefully limited, so as to not expose the
        major perps, Clinton being only a small fry in all this.

        Being an interview, this piece does not include substantiation of its
        claims, but does have the flavor of someone talking about events they
        are intimately familiar with.  Judge for yourself.

  o OIL-Behind-Balkans-Strife -- Victor Perlo: "Imperialism - spell it O-I-L"

        Perlo examines the oil angle in the big powers adventures in
        Yugoslavia.  Excerpts:

          "In what may prove to have been his final political action,
        Boris Yeltsin, in a four-hour meeting with President
        Clinton, agreed, in essence, to a path that subjects Russia
        to colonial rule by the United States."

          "The immediate target is the oil under and around the Caspian
        Sea, in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which have weak, pliable
        governments. For hundreds of years the Caspian Sea was
        primarily a Russian lake, except for a small southern border
        on Iran. But now Clinton's aim is to abolish all Russian
        influence from the Caspian, claiming the United States'
        'vital interest' to be the dominant power there."

  o PFF-Magna-Carta -- PFF: "Cyberspace and the American Dream:
                       A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age"

        The text of PFF's Magna Carta, which is reviewed in the article
        "Cyber-Robber-Barons", above.  A seemingly rambling report, the MC
        is actually a piece of artfully crafted propaganda.  What is primarily
        a manifesto praising corporate monopolies _seems_ to be a libertarian
        rallying cry for individual freedom.  Unfortunately, the agenda
        propsed by the MC is precisely what is being implemented in

  o The-Corporate-Machines -- Jay Hanson: "The Corporate Machines"

        Hanson suggests the perspective that corporations are robots
        (machines) that have escaped control of their human masters.
        He traces some interesting history of the corporate form.

          "Early Americans feared corporations as a threat to democracy
        and freedom.  They feared that the owners (shareholders) would
        amass great wealth, control jobs and production, buy the
        newspapers, dominate the courts and control elections.

          "...Congress had written the 14th Amendment to protect the rights
        of freed slaves, but in 1886 this was expanded when the courts
        declared that no state shall deprive a corporation  '. . . of life,
        liberty or property without due process of law.'"

          "There was no history, logic or reason given to support that
        view,"  U. S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas was to
        write 60 years later.  But it was done anyway.  By applying
        the 14th Amendment to corporations, the court struck down
        hundreds of local, state and federal laws that were enacted to
        protect people from corporate harm.


        Azad offers a historical perspective on the Kurds, Turkey, Iran,
        Iraq, and the U.S.  An excerpt:

          "In 1945-46, the Kurdish people established their first modern and
        democratically elected government in Mahabad, Iran. Ghazi
        Mohammad was elected the president of the republic.

          "After Mohammad had been in office not even a year, the shah's
        army unleashed a murderous attack against the Kurdish region and
        occupied Mahabad. Ghazi Mohammad was hanged.

          "The shah's army was trained and supervised by U.S. Gen. Norman
        Schwarzkopf Sr. In 1953 Schwarzkopf helped the CIA carry out a
        coup against the government of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran.

          "His son, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., commanded  the coalition
        forces in the 1991 Gulf war."

  o USA-supported-Hitler -- Bill Doares: "THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II,

        Doares traces how Hitler's rise was planned and financed by
        Germany's wealthiest capitalists, and how other Western powers
        actively supported and funded him as well.  Anti-fascism didn't
        become U.S. policy until Germany became a threat from a real-politik
        perspective.  An excerpt:

          "Germany and Italy weren't the only countries where big
        corporations financed fascist and racist movements during the
        Depression. In the United States half a dozen corporate magnates
        sat on the board of the pro-Hitler America First Committee.

          "The Du Pont dynasty that controlled General Motors and U.S.
        Rubber subsidized the fascist American Liberty League. It also
        funded the black-hooded, Klan-like Black Legion, which bombed
        union halls and murdered dozens of Black people, immigrants and
        pro-union auto workers in the Midwest."


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