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Richard Moore

The postings to which "valis" is responding were long and rambling, so I've
kept just the beginning.  In case you haven't been following the Telecom
legislation, Exon's censorship provisions (simplifying a bit) make you
liable for a $100,000 fine and years in prison for writing, reading, or
transmitting anything on the net which is "indecent" -- a very strong
standard indeed, covering much legitimate literature.

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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995
From: "•••@••.•••" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Call for letters re: Exon

>From: •••@••.••• (Dave Furstenau)
>Subject: Call for letters re: Exon
>Date: 23 Dec 1995
>Organization: Illuminati Bar & Grill
>     Granted, at this point in the game, the courts seem our only hope to
>thwart the rape of constitutional rights.  I'm writing this from Lincoln,
>Nebraska -- I can see the state capitol from the window by my desk here.
>I knew Exon was a moron for longer than I wish to remember.  Though I
>*did* make a few token calls to his offices, I wrote him off as
>doddering, oft-soused technoboob from day one.  I also knew he possessed
>that one attribute no fanatic should be without: the steadfast conviction
>that he alone understands the situation.  Thus, any comments to him are
>deftly deflected by patronizing platitudes.


You are unwittingly exacerbating an extremely difficult and dangerous
political episode by big-heartedly attributing it to such sources as
Grundyism, techno-stupidity and personal egotism.  With this well-meant
misdirection you are encouraging your fellow Netters to trust in the hoary
certainties of Civics 101, the slow but exquisite mechanisms of political
evolution, when the fact is that the political process is now sunk in sales
techniques and other psychological fakery, hence rendered invalid.

The further fact is that powerful interests have belatedly comprehended
the intrinsic organizing capabilities of the Net for individuals and groups
of modest means, and the discovery is too much for them.  Since we already
have the best government money can buy, it takes little imagination to
conclude that Exon & Co have been bought as point men in a determined
campaign to permanently disable the Net.  If you want a dose of reality on
this score, try David Sobel's one-page assessment in the current WIRED.

In my view this legislative initiative is clearly meant to be an omnibus
crime bill for middle class white people, with a functional scope similar
to that which the actual crime bill (~50 different capital crimes) has for
young black men.  It will fill the prisons with literate and capable serfs
for the burgeoning cut-rate industries that are now their chief activities.
Not ironically, no one can see this more clearly and organically than your
fellow Lincolner Gerhard Lauck, the German-American Nazi currently being
detained in Denmark.  He doesn't need Schindler's List to know that Dora,
Auschwitz and other hell holes were sources of Nazi slave labor for some of
the household names of German industry, often operating right on the spot.
Of course he sees this mechanism through a different, affirming perspective.

So I urge you to wake up; if this law is made to be anything less than the
powder train of revolution, it will be the means of our literal destruction.
This country no longer exists in any meaningful way, unless one is just a
flag freak, hooked on sterile symbols; we will have to fight, in some cases
perish, to win it back and reconstitute it as a genuine, unhypocritical
beacon of freedom.  So I urge you and everyone coasting on the same illusion
to wake up, organize, arm yourselves, make alliances across the spectrum,
and fight for your lives and liberty against a government that is a mere
shadow play, a magician's sleight-of-hand diversion of the public's gaze
from what really matters, a tool of impersonal, amoral global capital.



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