Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996
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From: •••@••.••• (Elias Davidsson)
Subject: NWO and Common Sense

Dear Mr. Moore,

I read your paper on the NWO and Common Sense in the Internet and wish to
commend you for the paper's quality and hopefulness.

Please view my words as endorsement of your proposals.

We in Iceland are subject to the same pressures as described in your
article, regarding potential membership in the EEC. There has been
opposition here but - as you correctly imply - the analysis provided by
those who oppose the EEC is grossly deficient as they are not ready to go
to the root of the matter.

The EEC people are meanwhile using lots of funds and baits to co-opt the
different segments of the public, including artists and university people.
They have some success but not entirely.

It is not yet clear to what extent a country such as Iceland would be able
to withstand the economic sanctions imposed on it, if it refuses to heed
the command of the NWO, by insisting on maintaining its sovereignty.
Icelanders would need strong solidarity. Your idea of establishing a real
network linking grass-root and people's movements across borders for a
democratic international concept, is tempting. I think the trade-union
movement could become under certain conditions, the focal point of such
cooperation. But we must not forget the possibility of cooptation. The use
of democratic forms of communications is of great importance, I agree.

I propose to you to draft a MANIFESTO for GLOBAL DEMOCRACY or something of
that kind, that could be translated into all languages and for which
endorsements would be sought. If a good response comes, the next step might
be the convening of an international conference in which the next steps to
consolidate the project might be debated and decided upon. The manifesto
should not be too long (at most 2 typed pages, if possible less) and
include the most salient points you raise in your paper.

Hoping to hear from you and wishing you lots of energy and stamina in your
excellent endeavour, I remain,

sincerely yours,

Elias Davidsson (composer and HR activist)

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