cj#371> Corporation = “machine” or “organism”?


Richard Moore

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Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996
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Subject: The Corporation as machine.

  I've enjoyed Jay Hansons recent posts and think them valuable. There were
some things I didn't agree with but they were minor and not worth arguing
about. But I can' t accept " The Corporate Machines " because after all that
good work it leaves one with the wrong concept and image.
  Rather than machine, a corporation is an organism. Some are dressed in
technical outerwear and some are not ( Bruce Willis ). A machine can do
things without human intervention if it is designed so, at least for a while.
A corporation is an inert mass of stuff,  without human involvement. As far
as I can tell most humans are organically based. Their ideas and conceptions
and plans are also organically based.
   If you agree that the Earth, or at least the Biosphere is a living thing,
then a more acurate description of a corporation would be an organism similar
to a melanoma.
  It behaves just like malignant cancer. It must grow or die. It transports
itself throughout the host and where it stops, it destroys healthy parts of
the organism and turns them into toxins.
It is a natural process ( human self interest ) gone wrong .
  Like cancer it can be stopped if you deal with it early BEFORE IT SPREADS
THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE HOST. We seem to be at that point now.
   The giant malignancies are currently attempting to implant themselves in a
very large and important organ called China . If China
becomes toxic ( Like Nigeria, Kuwait, Eastern Europe, Nevada, etc.) then our
host may not recover.
  WE can be the immune system of the biosphere. We could organize groups of
us to concentrate on specific large tumors like GE
or Exxon, or Congress and; 1- stop the growth. 2- Shrink the tumor to a
manageable size. 3- destroy the defective genetic code- aka - Santa Clara
County v Southern Pacific RR  ( corrupt 1886 Supreme Court decision that
makes a corporation a person ). #3 will require highly specialized groups of
Lawyer cells, but I'm not sure there are enough good Lawyer cells to
counteract the bad Lawyers that benefit from this defective genetic code.

Thanks for listening,


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