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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#370> MANIFESTO for GLOBAL DEMOCRACY?!

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>Thoughts Anyone?

I have been a member of the Democracy Now list for a couple of cycles of
argument and I think there is broad agreement that democracy means
self-rule.  The breadth of agreement decreases as soon as the definition
gets any more specific than that but, to my mind, this constitutes
"consensus."  Democracy means self-rule.

So, what does it mean "to rule," especially in the NWO where "privatization"
is offered as the best (only) answer to our common problems?

Today, the golden rule means the man with the gold, rules.  The landlord is
the lord of the land.  The "owner" is in charge.  Indeed, "private property"
was enshrined as the organizing principle of this nation (and now the NWO)
because the founders were practical men who understood that "freedom" can
never be granted from above but must always be built from beneath and
supported by a secure base.  The freedom of speech is essential to democracy
and, without the secure economic base derived from private property, the
maverick will not feel free to speak his or her mind, and the spirit of
democracy will weaken.

So, now, therefore, if we wish to proclaim that democracy shall be
universal, we must first arrange for freedom of speech to be as widespread
as we can manage.  This, it seems to me, can only be accomplished if we
accept that private property means you can't "own" someone else's property.

If we want to derive the benefit of democracy, which is to maximize the
focusing of our collective intelligence on our collective problems, we must
begin by engaging more people in the control of their day to day lives.
This means eliminating the lords of the land.  This is accomplished by
limiting private property to what one can personally manage.


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