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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996
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Subject: Arab dissident bartered for arms

Saturday 06 January 1996, London-UK

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Saudi dissident bartered for arms!
by Parveez Syed, Shanti RTV

British government bartered Saudi dissident, Mohammed Al Massari,
to secure big arms orders, an intelligence source told Shanti
RTV news.

"This is not the last time. UK is not the only country bartering
unorganised political opposition pawns and factions," he
explained. The government is, allegedly, under mounting pressure
to come clean on the reasons behind a deportation order on
Massari who is head of the CDLR (Committee for the Defence of
Legitimate Rights).

Massari's fans were outraged by the disclosure that the new
designated British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Andrew Green, was
a non-executive director of British arms vendor Vickers.

Green is due to start his term of duty in Saudi Arabia in March
1996. British foreign and commonwealth office (FCO) denied any
conflict interest between the "logical" appointment of Green for
Riyadh and his Vickers position "which is part of a scheme
involving some 20 or 30 other positions".

Earlier this week (Wed 03 Jan 96), Saudi citizen Massari, 49, was
given ten days to lodge an appeal against his deportation order
or face expulsion to the Caribbean island Dominica. British
immigration minister Ann Widdecombe confirmed the deportation
order was motivated by the need to maintain good relations with
Saudi royals who lost no opportunity to express their anger to
visiting Western ministers and business executives.

Massari said he would contest the deportation order in court,
claiming that he would be unable to practice his religion
properly in Dominica where almost all of its population of
72,000 people are of African descent. Dominica is a 290-square
mile mountainous island in the southeastern Caribbean.

Some government official privately admit the decision to deport
the dissident was rooted in commercial reasons, and former armed
forces minister Sir Archie Hamilton disclosed that Vickers tank
order was a paramount consideration, saying it was right to put
British interest first. Earlier the government was accused of
allowing its foreign policy to be manipulated by major arms
vendors and the CIA.

A leaked internal memorandum (dated 06 September 1995) appeared
to show that leading arms vendors covertly collaborated with
government officials and the CIA to stifle Massari who fled to
Britain via Yemen in 1994. Vickers has declined to comment on the
leak. It is bidding for a huge tanks contract with undemocratic
Saudi royals as part of multi-billion pounds deal signed by
former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in the
mid-1980s. Vickers, together with British Aerospace, GKN and
VSEL are negotiating defence and aeronautical sales worth more
than three billion sterling pounds (USA$4.65 billion).

Saudi Arabia was used by the USA as the launching pad to attack
Iraq in 1991. The attack was fully paid for by the undemocratic
Saudi and Kuwait royals. The Saudi royals paid USA$70 billion to
the USA for the attack. Washington's annual arms bill to Saudi
royals is expected to be more than USA$3 billion in 1996. The
Saudi royals are a major world arms importers, spending USA $76
billion on crippled and old Western weapons in the 1987-1994
period. The royals export some eight million barrels of oil
every day at around USA$14 per barrel fixed by the USA to help
subsidise USA economy at the expense of all Arabs.

Worst political and financial nightmare for ill-advised Western
governments and multi-nationals is that one morning Riyadh radio
will announce the overthrow of the undemocratic Saudi dynasty by
democrats. That is one of the reasons why most Western
governments and multi-national companies are studying ways of
trying to stop Muslim factions sending their political material
into oil rich and undemocratic Muslim states via World Wide Web
and Internet computer systems.

Reacting to the (Vickers) disclosure Lord Avery claimed that he
was "flabbergasted" about the role of Green. "I just could not
believe that such things could happen in our country, that a
conspiracy could take place between the arms industry and
diplomatic corps and that an ambassador could be found to be
part of arms ring busy selling weapons to Saudi Arabia".

British Labour Party spokesman, Douglas Henderson, criticised
the deal. "We have an obligation as a nation to our own law and
international commitment under the UN Convention in relation to
people seeking asylum and we must honour them", Henderson said.

Hamilton said: "...the Saudis were making it quite clear that
there would be no order for these tanks so long as he {Massari}
remained in London".

In a timely move to outsmart British arms vendors and envoys,
the USA is set to beef-up its military occupation in the region
to help spread more FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about
alleged long term threats from Iran and defenceless Iraq. USA
Defence Secretary William Perry claimed the two could threaten
the region *IF* they develop weapons of mass destruction.

To sell personal-protection services, and to allegedly address
that threat, Perry has approved a new military plan for the
region that (wait for it, wait for it. ed) calls for a larger
USA military presence in the region, including beefed-up air
forces and a total of 13,000 military personnel. This is fully
paid for by those nice, cuddly, USA-friendly Arab dictators.

USA and British military and intelligence thugs impose and
sustain Arab dictators in power, protecting them from democracy
in return for billions of dollars every month and give away oil
prices and rights. The Western powers help the Arab dictators
repress democrats in the Middle East while championing human
rights and democracy elsewhere.

The West has cut itself off from the legitimate Muslim
democrats, maximising the risk that the regime that eventually
replaces the Arab dictators will be bitterly anti-West.


Well. There goes my peerage! No more calls from media

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 06 Jan 1996.

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