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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996
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Subject: Re: Kindly explain yourself

>rkm wrote:
>The increase in the debt during his tenure is a matter of public record.

So what?  Do you understand how our congress appropriates money?

The fact is that most of the programs which ran up the debt had already been
written into entitlement law way before Reagan came to office - like back in
the days in Johnson, some 20 years earlier.

>What's your argument on this point?

Congress spends all the money, not the president - that's in the Constitution.

Because of COLA and inflation, these entitlement programs ran up huge costs
which Reagan and the Republicans (including Texas' own Phil Gramm) tried in
vain to contain.  With a Marxist Democrat majority in both houses of
congress (except for 2 years), the budget-cutters did not have a chance.

Now with a simple majority, things are finally going our way.  Next year,
when we have a supermajority in both houses, things will finally change for
the better, after 60 years of Socialism.

(BTW, I use the term "Marxist" to point out that these bloody Socialists
used the "poor disadvantaged masses" as their charge. Nowadays these "poor
disadvantaged masses" are asking if the enslavement of Socialism is really
worth it. Many are deciding that it is not, something we Conservatives have
know all along.)

The Far Left Wing has been trying to pin the run up on Reagan for years now,
but it does not wash - the facts speak otherwise.  Want proof - who is doing
what right now to bring the deficit under control?

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>Thanks for visiting.

I would liked to have stayed and debated with the Marxists on the forum, but
it has proven futile in the past.

Long live the Republican Revolution!

Bob Knauer



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