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Richard Moore

Date:         Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:00:09 GMT
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                      Join the IFCO-Pastors for Peace
                            February 4-11, 1996

On February 9, 1995 Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo issued
warrants for the arrest of Subcommandante Marcos of the EZLN and
other alleged Zapatista leaders. He ordered the Mexican Federal
Army to occupy indigenous communities in the state of Chiapas.
The presence of soldiers in rural Chiapas caused thousands of
indigenous people to flee to the uninhabitable jungle.  For the
people of Chiapas, the actions of the Mexican army were no less
than a declaration of war, not only against the Zapatistas but
against the civilian population as well.

You can make a difference in the struggle for justice in Chiapas
by recruiting partcipants for the IFCO/Pastors for Peace Human
Rights Delegation.

In the year following the army's offensive against indigenous
communities in Chiapas, Pastors for Peace has organized three
humanitarian aid caravans and eight human rights observer
delegations in support of the indigneous struggle for land,
liberty and democracy.  Pastors for Peace projects have helped
increase international presence in Chiapas and international
awareness of the army's actions in the zone of conflict.

The February Delegation to Chiapas will directly support the
people of Chiapas by visiting indigneous communities and
documenting human rights abuses.  In addition, delegates will
learn first hand about this historic struggle.


PHONE   612-870-7121 EMAIL •••@••.•••

Date:         Mon, 22 Jan 1996
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From:         Robert Parry <•••@••.•••>
Subject:      Al Haig's 'Top Secret' Report

The new issue of the investigative 'Zine, The Consortium, has a story
about then Secretary of State Al Haig's report to President REagan
about the origins of Iran- and Iraq-gate.  Plus, a piece about an
Iraqgate "fall guy" starting his prison term for shipping arms to Iraq,
after federal prosecutors blocked testimony from a Reagan official who
would have said the CIA authorized the shipments.

The URL is http://www.delve.com/consort.html

Date:         Wed, 17 Jan 1996
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From:         Lisa Pease <•••@••.•••>
Subject:      ACTION ALERT: New Orleans DA Obstructing Release of JFK Info

[ Article crossposted from alt.conspiracy.jfk ]
[ Author was Lisa Pease ]
[ Posted on Tue, 16 Jan 1996 06:03:24 GMT ]

Current New Orleans District Attorney has now declared war on the ARRB
(Assassination Records Review Board) and is REFUSING to turn over the 5
drawer file cabinet of Garrison's leftover records from the Clay Shaw trial.

Connick was the one who told the Review board that Garrison's staffers
had taken Garrison's records, saying "we call that theft." Yet Connick is
now playing the thief himself, keeping the records away from the review
board which has a Federal mandate under the JFK act to collect them.

Read all about it on the CTKA web site at:


There's much more to the story and it's detailed on the web site. Please
use one of the suggested options to make your voice heard. Thanks!


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