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Richard Moore

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Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996
Subject: cj#432> re: Valis on Vietnam

I have a habit of thinking that V.F.W. stands for Victims of Foreign Wars
(rather than Veterans) in order to put things in perspective.

Mike Mayo

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996
Sender: Aram Falsafi <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#434> re: developing countries & blame

> > I would like to see some of the blame laid at the doorstep of developing
> > countries as well. Far too much development aid has gone to line the
> > pockets of those in power.
> >
> > Arun Mehta
> Soon after Marcos was tossed out on his ear, the new Philippine
> gov't made noises about only paying back that portion of their
> international debts that could be traced as having actually been
> spent on developmental work.  The rest, presumably pocketed by
> Marcos and company, would not be considered a valid debt.
> I never heard any more about this.  Has this interesting idea
> popped up again anywhere else ?
> /fred

For anyone interested in the topic of international debt and responsibility
for it, I recommend "A Fate Worse Than Debt" by Susan George.  It's published
by Food First, I believe.  The edition that I read was from the late 1980's,
but it did talk about the mumblings at the time to just default on the debt,
and the really serious threats by governments in the north (in this case
against Peru, I believe); basically a total economic blockade of any
country that defaults on its debt, including seizing of their ships, bank
accounts, etc.

In general, the book is a very good analysis of the debt situation, where
it came from, who benefits from it, and who is paying the price (more
importantly, *how* they are paying the price).

Aram Falsafi


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