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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996
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Subject:  Your TEACHER Conference

From: Roger D. Sloboda

The Top Ten Signs That Your TEACHER Conference Isn't Going Well

                by Suzy Red

10.  The teacher asks if your child barks like a dog at home, too.

  9.  As you arrive, the teacher asks if you can spare a Valium.

  8.  On behalf of the entire class, the teacher expresses sympathy for
      your marital problems.

  7.  The teacher says that you seem very intelligent and asks if your
      child is adopted.

  6.  The teacher asks how the snake is doing, and you don't know what
      she's talking about.

  5.  The teacher shows you $ 75 worth of dimes and quarters she found in
      your son's desk, and you notice how thin the other children are.

  4.  The teacher encourages your family to take a week long vacation the
      week of standardized testing.

  3.  You spot your missing Weight Watchers records on the bulletin board
      as a part of the Examples of Graphs display.

  2.   The teacher has a can of pepper mace stored in a shoulder holster.

  1.  The teacher tells you that she had hoped your son could be a tree
      in the school play, but he lacked the necessary acting ability.


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