cj#451> Ferguson to NBC re HEMP


Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
Subject: Will You Lie Tonight?

    Dear NBC Nightly News,

    I heard that your show will tonight be featuring the U.S. government's
marijuana farm in Mississippi as part of your "Fleecing of America" series,
calling the farm's $250,000 budget a waste of taxpayer's dollars.  If that's
true, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    The real waste of our tax dollars is in the enforcement of a dishonest
policy that keeps an inexpensive, safe and effective medicine out of the
hands of sick Americans.  Cannabis was prescribed by doctors in America
from the earliest colonial times.  Doctors opposed the Marijuana Tax Act,
but were coerced by the B.N.D.D. and the F.B.I. into giving tacit approval
for the policy.  It is this corruption of our government that is the story
you should be telling.

    It is a lie that Marijuana is dangerous.  It is physically impossible
for a human to voluntarily ingest a lethal dose of cannabis.  If a human
being had ever died as a result of a marijuana overdose, that person,
thanks to narcocracy propaganda, would be more famous than Washington,
himself a noted cultivator of hemp.

    The Marijuana prohibition is based on lies, and is just another form of
corporate welfare.

    The law protects Nylon from its most potent competitor hemp, which is
a renewable, non-toxic source of the finest natural fiber.  Do you think it
is a coincidence that Nylon was patented by DuPont less than a year after
the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act?

    The Marijuana prohibition protects the forest products industry from
competition from hemp which can produce as much as four times the biomass,
on a per-acre basis, as commercial forests.  Better quality paper can be
made from hemp than can be made from wood-pulp, with none of the pollution,
including dioxin discharge, associated with the chlorine bleaching used in
wood-pulp paper making.  Do you think it is a coincidence that Hearst, who
held thousands of acres of timberland in 1937, used his newspaper empire to
spread "yellow journalism" lies about marijuana?

    The ban protects the pharmaceutical industry from competition by an
effective, non-patentable, herbal medicine.  This is the true story of the
"Fleecing of America."

    I have barely scratched the surface of the benefits hemp offers.  The
crop grows virtually pesticide free and chokes out weeds, making it a
profitable, natural way to reclaim farmland.  The seeds are a source of
one of nature's most perfectly balanced oils and can be used as food for
humans, birds and animals.  The body of the plant (the hurd) is mostly
cellulose and can be used in the manufacture of plastics, fuel and an
array of other products.

    I urge you to present a balanced, credible story on your show.  If
you intend to use the Mississippi farm as an illustration that even the
U.S. government itself recognizes marijuana as a valuable drug that should
be available to sick Americans; and to point out the waste of money and
human resources that is the hemp prohibition; then I salute your efforts.


    Joseph C. Ferguson
    Santa Cruz, California


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