cj#452> (:>) The hidden dangers of globalization


Richard Moore

(via Marsha):

Peter Moylan forward-- (From Economics for the Global Good)

What's in a number?

The rural recession has been explained in
simple terms by an old-timer farmer.

"It all started back in the sixties when they
changed from pounds to dollars - that doubled
me bloody overdraft.

"Then they brought in kilograms instead of
pounds - me bloody wool clip dropped by half.

"After that, they changed rain to millimetres and
we haven't had an inch of rain since.

"If that wasn't enough, they brought in Celsius
and we never got over 40 degrees - no wonder
bloody wheat won't grow.

"Then they changed acres to hectares and I
ended up with only half the land I had.

"Next they brought in daylight saving and we lost
an hour of sun, right when the crop was

"By this time, I'd had enough and decided to sell
out.  I put the property in the agents' hands and
then they changed miles to kilometres.

"Now I'm too far out of town for anybody to buy
the bloody place."


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Warning: Objects in calendar are closer than they appear.

        --Marshall Clow <•••@••.•••>