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Richard Moore

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996
From: <name withheld - was personal note>
To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#469> an Alliance Statement of Purpose (proposed)

I have been lurking for months and thoroughly enjoy this journal.
Furthermore, it has enlightened me more than any else I have ever read or
been taught in graduate school.  I am currently working on my second
masters.  This one is Public Administration and Policy so the views I
read on CJ have helped me sort out all the rhetoric in my coursework and
solidify my own beliefs and values.  I am working on an article about
"Big Brother invading our public classrooms and daycare facilities."  In
a nutshell, the laws are taking away parental rights to raise and teach
our children as we choose.  Between mandatory reporter laws, V-chip, and
the TCA, our elected officials are forcing our teachers and caregivers to
be watchdogs and imposing censorship on the masses.  I truly believe this
move to control knowledge is just another way to put "the masses" where
the power players want them.  We as a society are (have) losing our
rights and I am VERY worried.  I hope to send the article to you sometime
in the next week or two and see if you believe it would be appropriate
for CJ.  I agree with many of the articles in CJ where we are moving
toward a facist state and the taking away of our basic constitutional
rights reeks of Nazi Germany.  Very scary.


Thank you and I appreciate your time and effort with CJ.

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