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Richard Moore

Newt Gingrich is on an airplane, flying back to D.C.  The guy sitting
next to him is immersed in a book and pays no attention to Newt.
Toward the end of the flight Newt asks

Newt: "What book is that you're reading?"
Man:  "It's called 'Deductive reasoning'"
Newt: "Sounds interesting, what's it about?"
Man:  "Let me give you an example"
Newt: "Okay"
Man:  "Do you have a dog?"
Newt: "Yes, I do as a matter of fact"
Man:  "I would deduce from this then, that you have a yard as well,
Newt: "Yes! I do have a yard"
Man:  "Then I would further deduce that you have a house next to this
Newt: "I do!"
Man:  "Then I'll bet you have a family don't you?"
Newt: "Yes, a very nice family!"
Man:  "And you're a heterosexual, aren't you?"
Newt: "You betcha!  I'm beginning to see how this works!"

Later that week Newt goes out and buys the book on deductive reasoning
and is determined to read it cover to cover on his return flight.  His
plane takes off and he begins reading.  Two hours later the man sitting
next to him notices how Newt is so engrossed in this book and just can't
keep himself from being impolite and interrupting:

Man:  "Excuse me sir, what's that you're reading?"
Newt: "It's called 'Deductive Reasoning'"
Man:  "I see you've almost finished.  Have you learned how to use
      deductive reasoning yet?"
Newt: "Well yes, as a matter of fact I have.  Let me show you you it
      works.  Do you have a dog?"
Man:  "No"
Newt: "Well then, you must be a homosexual!"

[forwarded by Sally Rubio, my beloved, cj-lurking sister - rkm]