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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#502> rkm on: October Surprise

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rkm wrote:
> (2) The awesome switch in media-attitude-toward-The-President with Clinton...
> Reagan was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, bigtime,
> repeatedly, and it was all just allowed to pass.

At the end of Reagan's reign, the Washington Post
was "with-it" enough to publish a two-page spread,
a "Hall of Shame" of everyone in his Administration
who had ever gone to jail or resigned under a cloud.
Most enlightening.  You'd wish you had a copy to show
to anyone blinkered enough to say that all politicians
are all the same, or that Clinton's crew is even worse
than Reagan's.

I still don't know what to make of Reagan:
Genial idiot, or calculating cynic ?  Or both ?


Try this one on for size:

        Reagan was an actor hired to advertise the neo-liberal corporate
takeover in the same way he advertised 20 Mule Team Borax.  He was an
_excellent_ choice for the job.  With teleprompters, he didn't even need to
learn all the lines, and it certainly wasn't part of his job description to
keep track of all the story lines in between media sessions.  His task was
to read statements "with feeling" and to project a stock character type: a
conservative old geezer whose naive inflexibility makes him somehow
loveable and beyond reproach -- an Archie Bunker without a sense of humor.

        Do you _really_ think he'd be capable of planning _anything_?  An
economic policy?  A campaign?  A bank heist?  A weekend holiday?  (At least
he'd stay awake for the bank-heist briefing.)

        If he was the "Great Communicator", then Ronald McDonald is the
"Master Chef".

There I go again,


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