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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#505> Buchanan and the Third Party opportunity

A great analysis but decidedly unrealistic. Buchanan's real aim for the
moment is to move his party to the right. Without the Far Right of the
Buchanan Camp Mr. Dole will not be able to beat Bill Clinton.For this he will
demand his pound of flesh.  Beyond this, he hopes to create enough mischief
between now and the next presidential election in order to be a viable
candidate at that time. In order to accomplish this he may have to engage in
some fabulous political acrobatics. Can he be nominated by alienating
America's industrial magnates. What sustenance can he expect from the
disgruntled anti-Nafta labor wing?  He is no fool but a slick political
operator capable of switching his rhetoric as the situation demands it. As a
small boy I used to hear Hitler's speeches in Germany, and Mr. Buchanan's
cadence is so reminiscent.   Ken


Dear Ken,

        Of course everyone's entitiled to their opinion, but you offer
little reasoning to back up your hypothesis.  If you think my analysis is
unrealistic, I'd be interested in hearing what part of the analysis is

        You claim that the far-right would be in Buchanan's pocket, but
that is a doubtful assumption.  Hatred of Clinton is intense in that camp,
and Dole will make appropriate overtures to them.  You're also discounting
a normally Democratic faction who might take seriously Buchanan's
pro-labor-sounding rhetoric, and whose defection would offset losses from
the Republicans.

        Buchanan would be a very poor choice for the Republicans.  He's
divisive, transparently hypocritical, and would create a mobilized popular
opposition (if elected) where none currently exists.  No-way are they going
to nominate him, as they've already declared.

        Certainly Buchanan's echoing of Hitler is scary, but again, I
suggest that this is an intentional tactic, and that responding emotionally
is exactly what "they" are hoping "we" will do.


Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#505> Buchanan and the Third Party opportunity

> ... ...
>        Buchanan has gotten the third-party game underway, but
>once hostilities begin in the seldom-explored jungles of popular
>American politics, it's anybody's game, and the territory favors
>the guerillas.

Richard -- Thanks for this piece.  I have been wondering why nobody
(especially Buchanan) seems to have noticed the strangeness of the fact that
before Jr Tues, Dole couldn't win an election; and from that day onward, he
can't lose one -- not even in a single district!  It seems obvious that the
ballot box is being "stuffed."  You answered why no one is complaining.  -John


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