cj#521> re: libertarian agenda


Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (El Tiburon)
Subject: Re: cj#516> re: anti-government propaganda

>this is a good counter to Libertarians.  They *always* fail to take into
>account that private businesses are at least a big of a threat to personal
>liberty than government.  in fact, in most people's lives, they have very
>little control over decisions affecting them that are made by
>businsses--whether it's their employer, the company that sells them unsafe
>products, or the company that moves in and completely changes their

Sure micheal. But it helps to at least understand the Lib agenda to make
your point. No offense, but your not considering there agenda. They would
NEVER permit things like ACTA to even gain momentum, much less be heard.
That form of corp censorship or outright ban wouldnt be able to exist. Pls,
cite some examples or potential scenarios. Your 'conclusion' is far to
vague to address properly.


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