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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

        Here's a couple articles I just added to cyberlib.


o Non-Political-Articles/

  Folder with some stuff I've written about other things.  I think they'd be
  useful if published in the right venue, but haven't managed to find such

  o Unravelling-the-Enneagram -- "Unravelling The Enneagram --
                                  applying Gurdjieff's principles to
                                  personality development"

        Have you ever heard of the Enneagram?  It's popular these days as
        the basis of a personality typology -- another way to ask "What
        sign are you?".  The difference from astrology is that the
        Enneagram seems to be based on some real underlying forces.

        I learned the system years ago and found it useful, but always
        wondered what made it tick.  That took a while to figure out.

        The Enneagram symbol itself isn't about personality, it's a kind
        of "slide rule" which describes dynamic intereactions between certain
        kinds of force fields.  Thus, the personality Enneagram must be based
        on some kind of interacting psychological forces.  This article
        offers a model which purports to identify those forces, and shows how
        they might result in the observed personality types.

  o LifeCycle-of-Endeavors -- "The Life Cycle of Creative Endeavors --
                               following the natural rhythms of the creative

        As part of "unravelling" the Enneagram, it was necessary to "apply"
        the Enneagram to more than one situation, to separate the general
        from the particular.  Since my career has been one of carrying out
        creative projects, and I had identified nine primary project phases
        based on that experience, I tried mapping those phases onto the
        Enneagram symbol.

        The result was remarkable indeed.  The mapping worked perfectly, and
        in fact it led, after considerable research, into a much clearer
        understanding of the "creative flow" during innovative endeavors,
        and greater insight into the nature of the different phases.

        The resulting system, described in the article, is incredibly
        useful.  Each of the principles may seem familiar, but taken
        together as a system they can clear up blockages and confusion
        in projects, and get things back on track.  Best of course, is
        to use the system from the beginning.


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