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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996
Subject: Re: cj#563> Review: INDEPENDENCE DAY (fwd/AR)
From: Parveez Syed <•••@••.•••>

Hello Richard Moore,

In your "Independence Day" film review, you wrote:

<< and
 aided by American computer wizardry, the film shows us the
 world's ragtag, multiracial millions becoming empowered to
 overcome all obstacles.  >>

You forgot to mention that the computer wizard was a jew,
supposedly the only person on earth to have been able to figure
out what was really going on. Moreover, his father was a rabbi,
who said in giving his blessing to the "valiant fighters" going
into battle, and being told that one of them was not jewish, he
replied, "no one can be perfect." ;-{

You may also like to add that the film was,
allegedly, funded by the CIA.

Kind regards

Parveez Syed
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        Now that you mention it, it would be interesting to see the film
again and take note of all the racial/national sterotypes employed.  The
only Asian portrayed (if I remember right), was someone relaying orders.
And the only blacks, apart from the heroic super-patriotic pilot and his
family, were some Masai tribesmen.

        CIA-funding would be no surprise -- the film certainly supports the
elite globalist line -- but a film with this popular appeal wouldn't have
had any trouble attracting "normal" financing.


Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996
Sender: Jessica Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#563> Review: INDEPENDENCE DAY (fwd/AR)

I saw a different message emerging from this film's U.S.-organized global,
military efforts against the "aliens."  This message stems from the
theorizing of some who, once assuming that various governments conceal the
known existence of "intelligent life elsewhere," now suggest that such
evidence remains hidden because of the leaders' fear that, should the public
become aware of the existence of such life, the "us versus them" perspective
would change to another level of generality.  That is, counter to notions of
nationality and other possibly ethnocentric attachments, people of various
nations (especially younger folks) would now view humankind in a much more
unified manner, thus attaching less importance to international boundaries
and differences of every kind.  Thus viewed, this film presents the "liberal"
message that if the relatively petty differences that divide personkind melt
away in the face of other-world adversity, perhaps those differences are, and
have been, meaningless all along.


        Bingo!  I'd say you isolated the central message of the film, and
offered a good, concise characterization of it.

        But the devil is in the details.  There is indeed a liberal appeal
in the overcoming of national rivalries, but it is also central that
American leadership, especially military, is offered as _the_ means of
overcoming those rivalries.  My own view is that one needs to look at the
solution being offered, and view its relevance to the "problem" being
solved with a healthy dose of skepticism.

        Leaving the film aside for a moment, consider other problems for
which particular "solutions" are offered.  In the case of crime, drugs, and
terrorism, it is always the erosion of civil liberties and the Bill of
Rights which seems to be the only "solution" on offer.  And for budgetary
problems, it is only the gutting of social programs which is offered; for
unemployment, the solution is attacks on rigts of immigrants.  And most
bizarre of all, somehow social programs for the elderly are touted as being
the "cause" of insufficient funding for programs for the young.

        IMHO, one must recognize that there are goals being pursued by the
elite, including:
        - elimination of the Bill of Rights
        - imposition of a police state
        - elimination of socially beneficial programs
        - elimination of democratic process
        - one-world corporate-controlled government

        It is essential that we aren't fooled by the "liberal"
rationalizations that are dreamed up to justify the pursuit of such goals.



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