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Richard Moore

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Dear Lowell,

You wrote:
>I have received from others your material on the
>New World Order.
>...The problem with the NWO is that it seems to require
>organisation. The way you put it  seems to go well beyond
>a kind of "demonic" self interest of multinationals
>acting at all cost in their own interest.
>In short, you seem to imply an (evil) international
>conspiracy of monumental proportions.
>Without a "proven" conspiracy, and identification
>of its organisation and key  members,  it is unlikely
>"mainstream" forces  would be able to join an
>umbrella group like your suggested G99 though there are many
>democratic organisations opposing the thrust of present
>extreme neo-liberal policies around the world.
>Various books and theories exist about presumed
>conspiracies. Given the immense world-wide power its
>members would already appear to exert, at all kinds of
>levels, I would have thought human nature would have long
>ago produced a defector or two?  After all, whistleblowers
>are quite common these days.

        I've attached below an issue of cyberjournal from August (cj#572)
which discusses the conspiracy issue.  Take a look at that, and then here
are some additional comments...

        I believe cj#572 makes a reasonable case for the notion that
"minor" conspiracies, so to speak, are a standard part of every-day
operations at high levels of decision making.  Wars are planned, covert
operations are carried out, deals are made with other governments,
corporate leaders conspire to push through certain legislation -- all in
secret.  In many cases, the facts do come out eventually -- there are
whistleblowers -- and this is how we know such "minor" conspiracies do
routinely exist.

        To rephrase your question slightly... Yes I do imply "an evil
international conspiracy" (lots of them in fact) and it is a matter of
public record that "human nature _has_ long ago produced a defector or
two".  Thus I claim that you are incorrect to use the word "presumed" when
you say "Various books and theories exist about presumed conspiracies".
Many conspiracies are no longer in the "presumed" category, but are proven

        What I removed from your question was the phrase "monumental
proportions".  In other words, the big "primary" conspiracies, such as the
drive toward a world government, need to be investigated in a different

        The world operates as a number of interlocking systems, each driven
by various forces and motivations.  As  a useful example, consider the
American highway network.  At the top level, a decision was made to to tax
gasoline and put the money into a Trust Fund dedicated exclusively to
building highways.  Once that decision was implemented, then a huge highway
network became economically inevitable.  No conspiracy was necessary among
road-builders and politicians -- it became the natural path of least
resistance for them to build highways instead of rapid transit or rail,
because there was this big pile of free money available to provide roads,
as transportation needs grew.

        I make the following claim: The modern American highway system
resulted from a conspiracy, involving leaders of the major oil companies,
to undermine alternate transport solutions, and to promote highways.  You
may disagree, but the interesting thing is how few people would acutally
need to be involved in such a conspiracy, even though the scam was immense.
All that was necessary was for a few top oil executives to agree to fund
lobbying for the Trust Fund, and launch a supporting media campaign.

        Once that decision was made, then everything else flowed with no
further need for conspiracy.  The lobbyists simply carried out their
non-secret assignment, the politicians simply went along with the latest
"industry bill", accepting whatever extra-curricular inducements were
offered, and so on down the line to the highway builder who eventually
decides on his own to lobby some state legislature to promote some
particular highway project, so he can get the well-funded contract.

        Similarly, in the case of nuclear power plants, there was a single,
high-level conspiracy -- the Price-Anderson Act -- which absolved the
nuclear industry from liability from possible meltdowns.  With liability
out of the way, straightforward economic & political forces led to the
introduction of nuclear plants, despite the fact that they were disasters
waiting to happen.

        The point of all this is that huge events can be set in motion by a
conspiracy among a very tiny number of people, at top levels, who make very
subtle changes in system parameters.  The events then follow from the
natural operation of the various systems involved -- there is no need
(generally) for any secret cabal that covertly manages the details of


        The conspiracy to form a New World Order is indeed monumental, but
the number of people at the very center of it does not need to be large.
These are some of the key "wheels" that needed to be set in motion:
        1) a movement for lower taxes, including drastically reduced corporate
           taxes (thus bankrupting government)
        2) a demonization media campaign against politicians and government
        3) a movement for deregulation and "free trade"
        4) the establishment of corporate-controlled commissions with the
           increasing authority to regulate international arrangements
        5) the promotion of treaties (GATT, NAFTA, etc.) that transfer
           major decision making to those commissions
        6) the promotion of the U.S. military as a global enforcer

        Each of these "wheels" was promoted on its own merits, and found
many natural allies.  There was no need to promote "world government" or
"dismantling democracy" as objectives in themselves -- instead "increased
trade", "more efficient government", "exposure of corruption", "lower
taxes", "protection of strategic interests" etc., were all promoted on
their own, and each found natural allies ready to help out, with no
involvement in any conspiracy.

        Once these wheels are individually set in motion, with obstacles
removed by minor conspiracies when necessary, then the whole global cart
naturally moves toward a corporate-controlled new world order, seemingly
pulled by the inevitable forces of the global economy, market forces, and
history itself.

        Only a very few people need to be aware of the overall pattern.
And those few would be at the very top -- people like the Rockefellers,
Kissinger, Bush, and various other members of the wealthy elite who may
never come into the public eye.  Even leaders of the CIA, who help with all
the minor conspiracies, need not be involved in the really big picture.

        These top elite figures are not likely to go public with memoirs of
their exploits.  They're convinced they're simply bringing about a more
modern, better world, they don't see themselves as evil at all.  In their
circles, the wonderfulness of corporate growth is an unquestioned religious
belief, and the general population is viewed as a bunch of short-sighted
fools who don't understand much, and certainly aren't in a position to know
what's good for them.  "Whistleblowing", to such as these, would be hardly
conceivable, it would be an act of bizarre insanity, as taboo as exposing
oneself in public.


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