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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#605> A dialog re/Marxism & reductionism

I find the argumentation by rkm in his letter to Karl rather convincing.
Although Marx gave us certain analytical tools that are not to be
underestimated, they are not sufficient to properly analyse and understand
the existing stage of capitalist development.

In my humble opinion, Marxism is a useful (albeit not sufficient) tool of
ANALYSIS. However Marxism is not a very useful tool to develop a strategy
for the future.

I agree with rkm that one must beware of 'reductionism' and of equating
laws of economics with basic laws of physics. rkm is right in considering
important to distinguish between the various forms of capitalist
organisation, structure, ownership, control. I have not yet come across a
serious, exhaustive and radical analysis of modern capitalism, which takes
these various forms into consideration (I am not talking about a
'descriptive' analysis, but about a radical analysis which exposes the
inherent conflicts and the injustice generated from these various forms).

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