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Dear cj,

        I don't have other verification of the analysis below, but WSN
postings, being to an academic crowd, generally have some degree of factual
credibility.  Read with your own grain of salt, as I'm sure you already do.

        The question I ask, assuming credibility for the analysis, regards
the scope of the actual U.S. objectives.  Do the U.S. "imperialist
interests", whatever those might be, fully explain the promotion of
large-scale genocidal inter-tribal warfare?  Could genocide itself, as
suggested in "cj#603> 'The only good Injun is a dead Injun' still", be a
covert objective?



Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 21:06:01 +0000
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KARL: The Great Lakes Region crisis is essentially a product of
inter-imperialist rivalry between Washington and Paris over the
resources of Africa.

The Hutu peoples are backed by French imperialism while the Tutsi
people, as represented by the Rwandan government and the Eastern Zaire
Tutsi rebels, are backed by American imperialism.

The conflict between Tutsi and Hutu is the military and political form
 by which the conflict between Paris and Washington manifests itself
in the central African region.

The Rwandan Patriotic Front was trained and based in Uganda which is
backed by Washington while the masses of Rwandan Hutus took up
residence in Zaire which is backed by Paris. Eastern Zaire provided a
base in which the Hutu militia and the former Rwandan government
forces could recover and prepare themselves for a future offensive
against RPF.

However the RPF and the East Zairian Tutsi formed an alliance and
challenged the Hutu forces based In Zaire.

If Mobutu's pro-Francophone regime in Zaire  is replaced by a
pro-Anglophone regime then Washington will in effect have succeeded in
replacing the French hold over Central Africa. Success here will r
epresent a significant victory for American imperialism.

In short the situation in the Central African region is as follows:
There are tow imperialist led alliances in conflict with each other.
On the side is the American led alliance involving the US, Uganda,
Rwanda and the eastern Zairian rebels. On the other side is the French
led alliance consisting of France, Zaire, the former Rwandan
government forces together with the Hutu militia, the Interawa mee.

In this way the Clinton administration will have proved itself a
very effective when it comes to promoting the imperialist interests
that it represents.

NOTE: I use the terms Hutu and Tutsu with great reluctance. However I
have not as of yet found a more accurate pair of labels with which to
descirbe both parties to the conflict.


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