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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

        By my, in this case conservative, estimation, we have here a clear
case of conspiracy involving hundreds of conspirators in government, the
media, intelligence services, and others.  As with many conspiracies, the
facts themselves are not highly secret -- the main focus of conspiratorial
activity regards the content of the mass media: that undemocratic,
elite-controlled source of "information" and "facts" by which most people
form their judgements, concious and unconcious, and from which "objective"
history is derived.

        The claim is repeatedly made that such conspiracies are impossible
in our "open" society, that the government is incapable of such systematic
subterfuge, that whistleblowers would leak the truth, etc.  But here we
have the opportunity to watch the process in action, while it is still
unfolding.  Perhaps eventually the facts will be acknowledged, with some
justifying spin, or perhaps not.  That will apparently arise from a
political judgement, not one based on any sense of journalistic or
democratic integrity.

        How does this process work?  Is there some hotline that alerts
mainstream editors nationwide how to spin various stories?  Is it a matter
of controlling the trunk wire services?  Who is this elite that decides how
stories are spun?  Is it a centralized process or one based on "shared
elite cultural values"?  I'm not offering a theory about these mechanisms,
which I'd say are a secondary issue.  Primary is the fact that large-scale
conspiracies do happen, somehow.  The facts in this case seem indisputable,
the motivation for cover-up is obvious, and the existence of cover-up is


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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 96
From: •••@••.••• (Ian Goddard)
Subject: TWA 800: Satellite PROVES Missile
Organization: Erol's Internet Services
Article: 1697

If the eyewitness of over 150 people of a missile hit, the radar
reports of a missile hit, the photographs of missiles, the physical
crash damage proving a missile hit, and the testimony of TWA pilots
saying it was a missile hit was not enough to sway the evidence
immune,  probably even if we threw in high-resolution satellite
images as clear as a movie showing a missile rise up, track down
and hit TWA 800, the evidence immune would still cop the FBI lie.

Well here's an excerpt from the * extensive * and ever growing report
on the TWA 800 crash ( http://www.erols.com/igoddard/twa-fact.htm ):

        FACT 3: Satellite images also proved that a sophisti-
        cated guided missile tracked and hit TWA 800. As the
        Times of London (07/22/96) reported:

                An American spy satellite position-
                ed over the Brookhaven National Lab-
                oratory on Long Island is said to
                have yielded important information
                about the crash. A law enforcement
                official told the New York Post
                that the satellite pictures show
                an object racing up to the TWA jet,
                passing it, then changing course
                and smashing into it.


        It's hard to imagine what more proof of a missile
        hit, and by default of a cover-up, would be needed.
        Unfortunately the FBI keeps all the radar and sat-
        ellite images hidden.  They also rounded up all
        the negatives of key photographs taken that night.

Get the facts that present overwhelming evidence that TWA 800
was the victim of Naval-missile research and testing. As shock-
ing as this may be, even more profound is the complicity of the
major media in covering up the truth about an incident that rip-
ped away the lives of 230 innocent Americans, leaving even more
in pain and grieving. Get the facts as they amass:


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