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Richard Moore

Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996
Sender: Frank Scott <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#617> TWA 800: Satellite PROVES Missile (short & solid)

I hardly see any of these allegations as "proving" anything. They simply use
stories that are not anything more than "it is saids" and "a source told"
without further proof. This is not to say that I don't believe in media
falling into place as part of an establishment mind machine and either
disregarding or disinforming the public. But let's use our heads and not go
off on tangents based on such tales, which are not far from flying saucer
"it is saids" and "a source revealed". Who said, who was the source and how
believable are they?
By the way, I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and think the
Warren Report was a whitewash of everyone but Oswald. nevertheless, some of
the conspiracoids who spout nonsense make the job of establishment mind
managers easier. I think this story does the same for whatever the truth of
TWA 800 might be.

Frank Scott

Dear Frank,

        _Some_ of the claims published on cj may be in the category of
"someone said" without adequate verification etc.  But _many_ items stood
out, I thought, as reasonably solid evidence.  Solid enough that the burden
of proof is, I believe, now on the other side.  If the missle theory is
unsound, then the government needs to say something specific about, for
example, the satellite photo report in the London Times.

        Here are the particular items that I don't think can be quickly
dismissed, and that collectively add up to an indicting picture.


        The New American (10/14/96) reports that the FAAs
        "Warning and Restricted Areas Information Log" shows
        that nearby W-107 was also activated at the same time,
        reserving airspace for military use up to 10,000 feet.
        TWA 800 is reported to have exploded at 13,000 feet.
        FACT 6: Radar detected an object merging into TWA
        flight 800 before the explosion. As the Associated
        Press (07/19/96) reported:

                Radar detected a blip merging with
                the jet shortly before the explo-
                sion, something that could indi-
                cate a missile hit.
     FACT 7: The Jerusalem Post (07/21/96) says French
        Defense Ministry agents believe that flight 800 was
        shot-down by a Navy missile. While many victims were
        from France, French investigators have been, in vio-
        lation of routine international protocol, prohibited
        from assisting the FBI-NAVY-NTSB secret investigation.
     FACT 9: Former United Airlines pilot and crash invest-
        igator Richard Russell learned via inside connections
        that TWA 800 was hit by a Navy missile in the course
        of test firings. His report was widely condemned and
        anyone who even considers it, such as former reporter
        Pierre Salinger, has been viciously smeared and labl-
        ed as mentally imbalanced,  even as key information
        in his report is consistent with known facts and with
        events reported by dozens of witnesses. The only case
        against the report is: the Navy denies the charges.
  FACT 11: WCBS-TV of New York reported (09/05/96) that
        information leaked from the top-secret crash invest-
        igation indicates that TWA 800 was shot-down by a
        Navy missile.  Top officials condemned the idea as
        totally absurd and a sign of mental imbalance.
  FACT 14: Witnesses saw a missile-like object shoot
        up from the ocean, apparently from a boat, initi-
        ating the TWA explosion. According to eyewitness
        Lou Desyron (ABC World News Sunday, 07/21/96):

                We saw what appeared to be a flare
                going straight up.  As a matter of
                fact, we thought it was from a boat.
                It was a bright reddish-orange color.
                ...once it went into flames, I knew
                that wasn't a flare.

        Another witness said (N.Y. Daily News, 11/09/96):

                It looked like a big skyrocket go-
                ing up, and it kept going up and
                up,  and the next thing I knew
                there was an orange ball of fire.

        FACT 15: Over 100 eyewitness reported seeing this
        rocket streaking toward TWA 800 just before it ex-
        ploded. As The Washington Times (07/24/96) states:

                Several witnesses...saw a bright,
                flare-like object streaking toward
                the jumbo jet seconds before it
                blew up. ABC News said yesterday
                that the investigators had more
                then 100 eyewitness accounts sup-
                porting the [ missile ] theory.
  FACT 18: Two National Guard pilots in the area also
        saw the streak. CNN News Interactive (11/08/96):

                ...the 106th Rescue Wing based at
                Gabfbreski Air National Guard Sta-
                tion at Westhampton, New York, said:

                "The two helicopter pilots...Major
                Frederick Meyer, the pilot, and Cap-
                tain Cristian Baur, the co-pilot,
                both saw a streak of light, moving
                from east to west prior to the ini-
                tial explosion."
      FACT 23: An aviation disaster expert speaking live
        on CNN (07/17/96) shortly after the TWA explosion,
        said he believed that it was a missile-hit and that
        the eyewitness reports of two explosions, one small
        then one large,  was consistent with a heat-seeking
        missile exploding near the plane's heat-radiating
        exhaust. Armed with a "proximity fuse," such a mis-
        sile would first explode outside the plane, leading
        to the subsequent eruption of the fuel tanks, caus-
        ing precisely the sequence of explosions observed.
        FACT 24: While the official story is that there was
        no significant damage to any of the jet's engines-
        exhausts, The New American (10/14/96) quotes a re-
        liable private investigator who said:

                "I watched the television coverage
                when they brought up the fourth en-
                gine and half of the engine was gone,
                as if it had been hit by a missile,
                even as they were announcing that
                it was entirely intact."

                A federal air crash investigator who
                also observed the engine recovery told
                The New American that the fourth en-
                gine did indeed look as if it could
                have been hit by a missile.
        FACT 3: Satellite images also proved that a sophisti-
        cated guided missile tracked and hit TWA 800. As the
        Times of London (07/22/96) reported:

                An American spy satellite position-
                ed over the Brookhaven National Lab-
                oratory on Long Island is said to
                have yielded important information
                about the crash. A law enforcement
                official told the New York Post
                that the satellite pictures show
                an object racing up to the TWA jet,
                passing it, then changing course
                and smashing into it.

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