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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (Kathleen Geathers)
Subject: Re: cj#618> John Stockwell, NOT David Stockman, sought enemies

The selection of Butrous Butrous Ghali was to avoid the appointment of a black
African; however, Butrous would not be manipulated by the U.S., a dead-beat
nation. I often wonder why we have the audacity to demand that one is replaced
in the U.N. When I don't pay my dues in any organization, I don't have a vote.
As an African American, I see this as unalterably racist on the part of the
Clinton Administration. Who is he playing to, the right wing?

Kathleen  Geathers

Dear Kathleen,

        Yes, it is bizarre and disgusting how the U.S. manipulates the U.N.
without even ante-ing up.  But as for "Who is he playing to?", it seems to
me the answer is the same as for all foreign policy issues (except possibly
for Northern Ireland)...  he's not playing for ANY electoral constituency.

        When it comes to foreign policy, one enters the realm of
considerations of another kind.  Whether the scenario be Somalia "relief",
China policy, NAFTA, Zaire, or the U.N., the administration chooses an
agenda and then sells it to the public.  Typically little maps are put in
the newspaper to inform people of where the scenario is taking place -- no
one has even heard of it, let alone having a strong opinion.  The opinion
is generated by the government PR, not the other way around.  Suddenly a
"human crisis" must be alleviated, or an "injustice" must be corrected, or
whatever.  The background issues and actual policy goals aren't discussed,
rather a cover story is presented.

        In former times, the true explanation could be found in
considerations of "real politik" -- furtherance of U.S. imperialist
objectives.  Today, the explanation typically concerns the furtherance of
global corporatism, or what I refer to as the NWO.  But whether its called
"imperialism" or the "NWO", the constituency is the corporate elite, not
any voting block.


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