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Richard Moore

Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996
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To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#620> re: America & NWO thread

>         Mr. Moore states, "There has been a significant war approximately
> every thirty years, usually initiated (overtly or covertly) by America and
> always achieving a new stage in the growth of American power and the
> expansion of American-based elite interests."  I accept that Mr. Moore did
> not mean exactly what he said, but was speaking only of American
> involvement in war.

Dammit, Richard, you *really need* an editor.  This is the kind of
statement you often make -- an accusation so easy to rebut or shrug off as
silly that it gives people an excuse to dismiss you whold message as
paranoid fantasy.  If you really believe the U.S. covertly initiated World
Wars I and II, you had best provide not one but several booksful of
documentation.  Otherwise you sound like ... you know who you sound like?
Bob Dole.   "Democrat wars..."

Dear XXX,

        First, I agree that I need to improve my rhetorical presentation --
many people have pointed that out, and I've decided the time has come to
look at some serious style changes.

        Second, I'm open to any volunteer editors.

        Third, as to what I said about wars, let's consider the record.
Here's my list of wars, who started them, and what the USA gained in each
case.  Please note that these characterizations, again, may call for
further substantiation.  But this is the summary which was the basis of my

c. 1780 - American Revolution
        - initiated by Colonies
        - accomplished American sovereignty

c. 1812 - War of 1812
        - initiated by USA
        - unsuccessful attempt to annex Canada

c. 1830 - Mexican War
        - initiated by USA
        - annexed south-west states

c. 1860 - Civil War
        - both sides were USA
        - brought whole USA under industrialization agenda

c. 1880 - Spanish American War
        - initiated by USA
        - gained control of Cuba and Phillipines

c. 1917 - WW I
        - not initiated by USA
        - USA emerged as more significant world power, and used war-effort
          to modernize and consolidate its rail and industrial infrastructure

c. 1940 - WW II
        - arranged by industrial elite in USA and other Western powers
        - USA emerged as dominant world power politically, militarily,
          and economically

c. 1965 - Vietnam
        - initiated by USA
        - unsuccessful attempt to retain control of Vietnam

c. 1990 - Grenada/Panama/Iraq (I view these as a single, coordinated campaign)
        - initiated by USA
        - USA has all but received official sanction as World Marshall
          for maintaining the global order

        By my count, all were initiated by USA except for World Wars I and
II, and the USA was one the primary arrangers of the WW II scenario.  All
led to significant benefits to the USA elite, except for the War of 1812
and Vietnam.  Hence I would modify my original statement slightly:

        "There has been a significant war approximately every thirty years,
more often than not initiated (overtly or covertly) by America, and usually
achieving a new stage in the growth of American power and the expansion of
American-based elite interests."

        I believe that is now a true statement.  But I agree it can be
stated in a more understandable, persuasive manner, with the exceptions
mentioned explicitly.


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