cj#631> Is there a paradise plan?


Richard Moore

Dear cj,

        After having been in Ireland for two years (which has comparatively
few financial resources) and then visiting New Hampshire for two weeks
(which has comparatively few imagination resources), I arrived here in Bay
Area.  And a crazy idea occurred to me.

        Here we have an area with lots of money and creative people, a
great climate, water and mountains, and apparently a frantic desire to
"live the good life".  My question is "Why isn't the Bay Area trending
toward a local paradise?".  Why doesn't the "community" use its resources
to make life really agreeable?

        Perhaps there's a preliminary question... Is the place already a
paradise?  After all there are freeways to go everywhere, plenty of
espresso & sushi bars, and infinite shopping opportunities.  Is this our
idea of paradise?  If not, then what is?

        Has anyone thought about this?  Is there a "Paradise Plan"
somewhere?  Is anyone interested in this topic?