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        The following new or updated articles were posted today to
Cyberlib.  The two non-political articles at the end were completely
re-written for their recent publication in Enneagram Monthly.


o Articles-by-RKM/

  Folder containing articles I've written.

  o America_&_NWO -- "America and the New World Order" -- published in
        New Dawn magazine and in Joe Shea's online "American Reporter".

        In order to get a comprehensive picture of where globalization came
        from and where it is going, this article makes a whirlwind tour of
        American history, showing how that feeds into what has now become
        the mainstream of world history.  If sovereign national states,
        sometimes competing and sometimes cooperating, have been the
        Familiar World Order, then globalization seems to be leading us all
        inexorably toward a New World Order where mega-corporations (and
        the wealthy elite who control them) reign supreme, and nations are
        reduced to a vestigial, subservient, policing role -- controlling
        the populace on behalf of the elite -- as we see already in much of
        the Third World.

  o Exorcising_Capitalism -- 30 August 1996

        "...          Capitalism Is a Cancer Infecting Our Economy

        "       Our economy is not a commercial system that pursues profit,
        but a capitalist system that pursues growth.  A commercial economy
        is like an animal's regulatory system, which moves nutrients around
        the body and keeps the host (society) healthy.  A capitalist economy
        is like a cancer, which sucks nutrients out of the body and consumes
        the host..."

o Other-Articles/

  Folder holding articles (from miscellaneous sources) which provide
  important perspectives.

  o Story_of_Crack
                    ---August 29, 1996---

                    AMERICA'S SECRET WAR

        "...After passage of the Boland amendment, the Contras
        desperately needed a new source of funds.  (This was
        several years before Oliver North set up his Iran
        connection to divert money from arms sales to the
        Contras.) According to a year-long investigation by the
        SAN JOSE (California) MERCURY NEWS based on court
        records, recently declassified documents, undercover
        audio tapes, and files retrieved via the Freedom of
        Information Act, the FDN solved its problem by opening
        the first pipeline from the Colombian cocaine cartels
        to black gangs -- the Crips and the Bloods -- on the
        streets of Los Angeles.[7]..."

o Non-Political-Articles/

  Folder with my articles on non-political subjects.

  o Physics_&_Enneagram -- "Physics and the Enneagram -- an Investigation
                            into Psychology and The Law of Three"

                As published in Enneagram Monthly, December 1996

        Have you ever heard of the Enneagram?  It's popular these days as
        the basis of a personality typology -- another way to ask "What
        sign are you?".  The difference from astrology is that the
        Enneagram seems to be based on some real underlying forces.

        I learned the system years ago and found it useful, but always
        wondered what made it tick.  That took a while to figure out.

        The Enneagram symbol itself isn't about personality, it's a kind
        of "slide rule" which describes dynamic intereactions between certain
        kinds of force fields.  Thus, the personality Enneagram must be based
        on some kind of interacting psychological forces.  This article
        offers a model which purports to identify those forces, and shows how
        they might result in the observed personality types.

  o LifeCycle_of_Endeavors -- "The Life Cycle of Creative Endeavors"

                As published in Enneagram Monthly, February 1997

        As part of investigating the Enneagram, it was necessary to "apply"
        the Enneagram to more than one situation, to separate the general
        from the particular.  Since my career has been one of carrying out
        creative projects, and I had identified nine primary project phases
        based on that experience, I tried mapping those phases onto the
        Enneagram symbol.

        The result was remarkable indeed.  The mapping worked perfectly, and
        in fact it led, after considerable research, into a much clearer
        understanding of the "creative flow" during innovative endeavors,
        and greater insight into the nature of the different phases.

        The resulting system, described in the article, is incredibly
        useful.  Each of the principles may seem familiar, but taken
        together as a system they can clear up blockages and confusion
        in projects, and get things back on track.  Best of course, is
        to use the system from the beginning.


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