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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

        This is the first of a short series of reports I'd like to share,
regarding the TWA 800 crash.  My point in this series is not so much to
"get to the bottom" of this particular incident, nor to express outrage at
careless missile testing and government lying.  One is already surrounded
by sufficient opportunities to feel outrage, and countless "conspiracy

        What is useful in this case, it seems to me, is to observe and take
note of the process of cover-up and media control:  How are these kinds of
propaganda operations carried out?... What are the tricks of the trade?...
How are media venues controlled?

        Cyberjournal was evidently one of the first places anywhere that
the friendly-fire theory was published, in a forward from Parveez Syed on
30 July 96.  Since then, updates of the incident have been posted, and
we've seen facile rhetoric employed to discredit the leading crash
explanation, by attempting to characterize it as a "rumor" started by a

        What I'd like to do, in this first report, is start back at the
beginning with eyewitness testimony and early steps in the cover-up.  In
reading the newspaper article below, it is with some irony that one can
keep in mind the following quote (cj, 10 Nov 96):

   >...James Kallstrom, the FBI official heading the investigation, denounced
   >the so-called  "friendly  fire"  theory  last  month,  calling  it  an
   >"outrageous accusation"...

        As you can see below, assuming our author is credible, Mr.
Kallstrom did not reach his viewpoint as a result of any investigation, but
rather imposed that viewpoint on the execution of the investigation from
the very start.  This attitude would of course be unsurprising: it would be
highly embarassing to the govenment, the military, etc., to admit all those
people were needlessly killed through careless incompetence.


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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997
Subject: TWA 800 crash: strong arm tactics?
From: Parveez Syed <•••@••.•••>

Friday 28 Feb 1997, London-UK

Dear Richard,

The following letter was forwarded to Shanti RTV news. It may be
of interest.

Kind regards

Shanti RTV news

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Dear Editor:

I witnessed the crash of TWA flight 800.

I work in a county office in California.  My wife and I were on
vacation in New York. We were on the beach when it happened. We
talked to many other witnesses who saw the same thing that we
did. A very bright fiery light heading upward toward the jet.
Then an explosion.

We told what we had seen to some investigators. We told them that
we were on our vacation and about to continue on to Florida. They
asked us to stay a while longer and said that they would pay our
hotel bill until our statements as to what we saw could be taken
by other investigators. We agreed.

It turned out however to be more than just our statements taken.
They took our social security numbers, drivers license and license
plate numbers. They wanted to know my place of employment and the
names and addresses of our children and relatives. They
questioned us in separate rooms and made us feel like criminals.
They said that what we must have seen was a shooting star or some
fireworks being shot from a boat. I told them that it was not
anything like that at all. I said that it was definitely a flare
type rocket heading toward the aircraft, then it exploded.

It was then suggested that we did not see anything at all and
that we were going along with what other people said they saw.
Just for the excitement of it. I told them, no way, I know what I

After the questioning we were asked to go back to the hotel and
stay there until we were cleared to leave. About three hours
later two other men we had not seen before came to the hotel.
They gave us some money and told us never to mention anything to
anyone about being witnesses to the crash again.

They scared the hell out of us. It was a lot of money and we
accepted it out of fear.

If it was a missile that brought down the jet, then I could
understand that they would not want people to panic. But the way
they are handling it is shocking and inexcusable.

My wife and I are outraged and we want people to know how we were
treated.  This letter is not signed out of concern for ourselves
and our family.

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