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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 97
From: Ian Goddard <•••@••.•••>
Subject: TWA 800: Paris-Match is OUT
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If you can read French, here's the latest TWA 800 report
from Pierre Salinger, Dr. Mike Sommer, and yours truly:


The radar images the FBI has been working overtime
to keep out of your sight is also to be found there.
I suspect that we will be attacked in the press soon.

To print this with the FBI foaming at the mouth about
any release of evidence or wrong thinking about TWA 800,
Paris Match proves it has more guts than the entire U.S.
major media. I just heard over the news that the FBI told
NYANG Captain Chris Baur to stop talking to the media.
Here's what Baur is saying that they want silenced:

Pat Milton, for the Associated Press reports (03/12/97):

    NEW YORK (AP) - An Air National Guardsman who
    witnessed the explosion of TWA Flight 800 repeatedly
    told authorities he thought a missile had struck the
    plane, a source said.

    After searching for survivors the night of the crash,
    Capt. Chris Baur, a helicopter pilot, returned to his
    base and ``told officials immediately he thought he
    saw a missile,'' said the source, who spoke to The
    Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

    Baur ``saw a track of light and saw a hard explosion, then
    another explosion,'' the source said. The pilot then shared
    his observations with the FBI, the National Transportation
    Safety Board and investigators from the Joint Terrorism
    Task Force.

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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997
Subject: TWA 800: Salinger updates friendly fire
From: Parveez Syed <•••@••.•••>

Friday 14 March 1997, London-UK

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TWA 800: Salinger updates friendly fire
by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV news

LONDON [SCN] - Pierre Salinger, who fueled the TWA flight 800
friendly fire debate with a "secret" document that turned out to
have come from the Internet, now has an expanded theory that a US
navy missile downed the jetliner, killing 230 people on Tuesday
17 July 1997.

This time, the former ABC newsman and press secretary to the US
president John F Kennedy is co-leader of a team that claims the
jet was shot down during a US navy training exercise when a
missile "lost its lock on to its original target".

The 62-page report, coinciding with "Paris-Match" magazine's
publication of radar images showing a mystery blip racing toward
the TWA plane. The Paris-bound 747 exploded and crashed minutes
after leaving JFK airport.

The FBI seized on Tuesday 11 March 1997 a videotape, showing the
radar images, from the Florida home of retired United Airlines
pilot Richard Russell, who wrote the Internet memo and is listed
in Salinger's report as a member of his investigative team.

US official investigators say three possible crash theories
remain - a bomb, a missile or mechanical failure - but they
insist that investigation has ruled out an errant missile strike
by the US military. Navy officials claim no missile tests were
underway at the time of the crash, and an inventory of the navy
arsenal turned up no evidence of friendly fire.

Salinger's report says witnesses monitoring secret Navy
anti-terrorism exercises reportedly heard a male voice say "Oh,
my God, I just hit that plane," and another sailor reportedly
confessed to his father, "Dad, we shot it down".

US federal investigators also received an advance copy of the
report, dated 06 March 1997 and authored by Salinger, Mike Sommer
and Ian Goddard. The report contains documented facts, technical
jargon as well as information about missiles, aircraft, ships and
secret US navy activities at the time of the crash in the US
navy exclusion zone.

Salinger said the final version of his report was nine pages
longer than the draft but contained the same material, including:

+ A claim that after the crash "a Navy ship involved in the
  disaster was sent out to sea via the Middle East and its crew
  dispersed around the world, the investigation reveals";

+ The missile "probably'' carried a type of warhead "reportedly
  banned" by a former US-Soviet arms treaty, SALT I; and

+ "A computer error between the USS Normandy and other
  participating Navy and US Coast Guard vessels, may also have
  led to the tragic shootdown".

The report repeatedly refers to a "Tomahawk cruise missile"
serving as a target drone. The US $1 million weapon is never used
for that purpose, a US navy source claimed. The US navy confirmed
that there was a P-3 Orion, a submarine hunter, on a routine
training mission 55 miles away, and claimed the USS Normandy, an
Aegis-type missile cruiser, was 180 miles to the south and not
conducting missile drills. The navy claims it would be impossible
to cover up such an incident, given the hundreds of people who
would know about it within minutes.

However, the FBI had seized a copy of an FAA radar image tape
showing a blip rapidly closing on TWA Flight 800 just seconds
before it exploded. The tape was seized from retired United Air
Lines pilot Richard Russell, who has been independently probing
the disaster since 17 July 1996.

The FBI has placed a ban on federal employees speaking about the
investigation, preventing many witnesses from sharing their
accounts with the public.

Russell and other independent investigators and journalists have
theorised that a US navy cruise missile, possibly an unarmed
"dummy" missile, inadvertently brought the plane down.

Air National Guard pilot Captain Chris Baur is one of many
witnesses who said to have seen something in the sky just before
TWA 800 went down. Baur, a trained military pilot who witnessed
the explosion from the cockpit of his helicopter, believes he
saw a missile strike the plane. He reportedly saw a track of
light and a hard explosion, followed by another explosion.

The US navy was conducting scheduled exercises in the area
surrounding TWA 800's flight corridor and was first on the scene
of the crash. A Navy P-3 Orion anti-submarine plane flying
without its transponder activated passed 10,000 feet above TWA
800 just before the explosion, according to a recent article in
the Riverside Press-Enterprise (RPE), a newspaper in southern
California. RPE also reported that a special exercise area
reserved for the Navy went active at 8pm on 17 July 1996 just as
TWA 800 was leaving its terminal. According to the RPE report,
exercises routinely involve missiles and live fire.

The tape seized by the FBI showed "three [radar] hits... one every
four seconds," Russell told the Westchester County Weekly, a New
York newspaper. "The last hit was three miles from TWA. Nineteen
seconds later the plane dropped off". Russell said he obtained
the tape from a confidential, high-level government source. He
said that he had shown the tape to a professional radar
controller, who concluded that the blip may be more than a mere
anomaly. If the radar image on Russell's tape was, in fact, a
missile which destroyed TWA 800, it would have been travelling
at 568 miles per hour to cover three miles in nineteen seconds.

The cruising speed of the Tomahawk missile is 550 miles per
hour. Assuming a slight margin of error, the blip on the radar
tape was travelling at approximately the same rate of speed as a
Tomahawk cruise missile. The Tomahawk is a common munition on
Navy warships, used against submarines and surface targets.

An anonymous source told Shanti RTV news agency that a Brooklyn
grand jury may examine the radar tape. In the mean time, Russell
is not a happy camper. "I'm offended by it," Russell said. "They
took my property away, but that's the way they operate. I knew
that they would be doing this. It's a cover-up."

The FBI seized Russell's radar tape after the RPE ran an article
on the TWA 800 disaster, citing the tape as evidence. The FBI and
the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) immediately
issued an unsigned statement claiming, "The articles' resulting
conclusions are not supported by the facts".

FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom compared the RPE article
to former ABC correspondent Pierre Salinger's statements last
November that the plane was brought down by friendly fire. But
in fact, it was Russell's early reports on the downing of Flight
800 that led to Salinger's revelations.

Last August, Russell emailed a group of friends claiming that TWA
800 was shot down by a US navy missile fired from military
exercise area W-105. His message quickly made the rounds on the
Internet, forcing the FAA to confirm later that area W-105 was
"hot" the night TWA 800 was destroyed.

The mainstream media ignored Russell's theory until Salinger
announced it to an audience of airline executives in Cannes,
France, according to Shanti RTV news agency.

Although the FBI and the NTSB have repeatedly refuted "Internet
conspiracy theories" on the downing of TWA 800, an official
explanation of the disaster remains forthcoming after eight months.
The government's US $29 million investigation is reportedly
winding down, but investigators claim they are still unable to
determine whether the plane was destroyed by a bomb, mechanical
failure, or a missile. Kallstrom has already claimed that the
friendly fire theory is a "very, very unlikely" explanation.

As a related side note, Kallstrom spoke in favor of the notorious
Clipper chip at a panel debate hosted by the Association of the
Bar of the City of New York in January 1995. "The notion that
technology is just some sort of snake that's slithering along, and
it should go wherever it likes, wherever the brain trust is going
to let that go, without a realization that there's public policy
issues here - public safety issues here - is I think a very naive
approach," Kallstrom said during the debate. "You know they're
all these people that we are chartered to put out of business
for the good of all of us," Kallstrom said. "For the good of
society. One way we do this is with electronic surveillance".

Last year Muslims were being blamed - by self-styled "terrorism
experts" - for the crash. New, independent evidence indicates
that a missile probably brought down the jetliner. This would
give credence to the theory of an accidental shootdown by US
forces training in the area. The evidence includes reddish
residue found on several seat backs that laboratory analysis
showed to be "consistent with solid missile fuel" ingredients.

Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 14 March 1997.
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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997
From: Charles <•••@••.•••>
To: "Richard K. Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#644>  TWA news update

Thought this reference from NB News might be of interest:

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RPRT> TWA Missile Theory Resurfaces

The theory that a missile shot down TWA Flight 800
in 1996 has resurfaced.  This thanks to 'new' theories from
Pierre Salinger.  The Washington Times Online (see above URL)
is presenting Salinger's most recent statements, as reported
by Times reporter Andrew Borowiec.  Additional links of
interest related to this story include:

Paris Match Magazine TWA 800 Radar images (French)

TWA Flight 800 Memorial

And as we reported in NBNews 11/08/96 issue, the 'original'
missile theory Email can be viewed by visiting:
The homepage for LSOFT's Flight-800 List

To view the full-text of 'the memo' go to the above homepage

1) Click on 'search archive'
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                Friendly Fire?

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4) The original memo is referenced as Doc. # 000933 dated
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