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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 97
From: Ian Goddard <•••@••.•••>
Subject: TWA800: Foreign-Missile Theory, R.I.P.
ACTIV-L Article: 8193



I can understand that many people dread to see the U.S. government
guilty of wrong doing, and therefore hold out the hope that TWA 800
was shotdown by foreign terrorists rather than by Uncle Sam. However,
the desire to shield Uncle Sam from shame cannot alter the facts of
the case, none of which support the foreign-terrorist theory.

Apart from the fact that, as Jane's Intelligence Review (10/96) stated,
NO shoulder-fired missile fits the bill, the foreign-terrorist theory is
also nullified by all the other facts.  For example, here is a list of
just the known U.S. military assets in the area of the TWA 800 accident:

  1) NAVY: The ALBUQUERQUE, attack sub
  2) NAVY: The TREPANG, attack sub
  3) NAVY: The WYOMING, ballistic-missile sub
  4) NAVY: P-3 Orion antisub aircraft
  5) NAVY: The NORMANDY, missile cruiser
  6) USCG: The ADAK, patrol boat
  7) NYANG: HC-130 aircraft
  8) NYANG: HH-60 helicopter(s)

The three Navy subs have surface-search radars, and could also
detect any foreign submarine underwater. The P-3 traditionally
deploys extensive radar and detection systems. The Navy alone
had at least quadruple radar coverage of the area. The facts
dictate that they must have known about and recorded every
craft below, on, and above the surface of the ocean. The idea
that foreign terrorists could slip into this area of heavy
U.S. military activity saturated by sophisticated radar and
sonar detection systems, knock off a jumbo jet, and then
slip out undetected is an idea that far exceeds the
realm of the even marginally plausible.

IF terrorists did it, THEN they must have done
it with the blessing of the U.S. Government.

 Let's face the facts:

There is one logical missile-theory: the Uncle-SAM theory.

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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 97
From: Ian Goddard <•••@••.•••>
Subject: TWA800 Navy-Missile Counter Abolished
ACTIV-L Article: 8198

 >          http://www.newsday.com/jet/cras0322.htm

The Number 1 counter argument against the TWA 800 Navy-
missile theory is that members of the guilty crew would
have come forward to report Navy guilt, and because none
have so far, it never happened (a perfect non-sequitur).

Well, the Navy at the highest level just came forward to
admit,  contrary to previous claims, that they DID have
three submarines off Long Island during the crash [1].

    QUESTION: How many members of the crews
    of these 3 submarines  came forward to
    blow the lid off of the Navy cover-up
    by admitting they were in the area?

    ANSWER: 0 crewmen blew the cover-up

Of the three subs in the area of TWA 800,  the  USS
Wyoming holds approximately 173 crew members [2], the
USS Albuquerque holds 128 [3],  the USS Trepang holds
107 crew members [4].  That's as many as 408 Navy-sub
crew members who were aware that their existence was
being covered-up,  and how many ran forward to blow
the lid off the cover-up?  0 crewmen came forward.
Ipso facto: 100% obedience to the sub cover-up.

Simple mathematics reveals that the factual basis
for the Number 1 counter to the Navy-missile theory
is null and void. Even worse: the Number 1 counter
to the Navy-missile theory is contradicted by the
facts in the TWA 800 case, and thus it's "truth-
correlation score" is negative.

Now the only counter argument to the Navy-missile
theory is: the Navy said they didn't do it -- the
same Navy that said they didn't have subs in the
area, and there were no exercises in the area.
[1] http://www.newsday.com/jet/cras0322.htm
[2] http://www.netwiz.net/~bkackman/submarine/wyoming/wyoming.html
[3] http://www.cabq.gov/ssn706/index.html#statistics
[4] http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/factfile/ships/ship-ssn.html


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