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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

Frightening stuff here, not the least of which is "without seeking prior
public comment" (first article) and "_Unmarked_ Genetically-engineered
potatoes" (second article).  Again we see the stealth approach to radical
and probably irreversible change.

Yesterday (cj#666) we saw regulation of drugs and vitamins, and today we
see engineered insects and potatoes - both agendas being set by corporate
interests, via their commissions, their domination of regulatory agencies,
and their purse-strings control over academic research.


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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 97
From: MichaelP <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Field testing of genetically-modified insects.
Article: 9426


USDA reviews release of genetically-modified insects
without seeking prior public comment.

Release of GE Mites Considered

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is reviewing a request from a
University of Florida scientist to conduct a field test with a transgenic
mite that feeds on spider mites, a pest of strawberries and ornamental
crops. The USDA is not planning to have an official public comment period
or hearing on this application, and only intends to publish notice in the
Federal Register when the decision is made. The mite has been engineered
to contain a bacterial gene that functions as a marker, making it easy for
researchers to track the organism in the environment. Future experiments
will introduce new genes intended to modify the mite to enhance its
ability to kill pests.

The Union of Concerned Scientists http://www.ucsusa.org/ucs.agpub.html
said it is likely that this application will be followed by a number of
other requests to release transgenic arthropods. Genetically engineered
medflies, mosquitoes, honey bees, cotton bollworms and many other insects
have been created in laboratories for a variety of purposes.
Commercialization of these organisms would result in their widespread
release and use in the environment. Genetically engineering arthropods
potentially present significant environmental risks because many reproduce
rapidly, they play a variety of important ecological roles, they can move
considerable distances, and most would be difficult to control once

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Date: Fri, 9 May 97
From: Patricia Dines <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Unmarked Genetically-engineered potatoes at market NOW!
Article: 10662

For your info - oh my!! - Time to demand from our government that we at
least get labelling of genetically-engineered products, so the might
"market" (which is supposed to be US) can make a choice at least at that
level about tinkering with the genetic basis of life... P. Dines  P. S. Of
course, I'd prefer "just say no" to the path entirely, and I still keep
working for that as well....

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Date: Thu, May 8, 1997, 4:04 AM
Subject: "New Leaf" potatoes at Agway

Russet Burbank seed potatoes that make their own Bt pesticide are now
on sale in the local Agway feed store under the brand  name "New
Leaf."  Other than that name and their 50 percent higher price, there
is no indication on the package anywhere that they are genetically

Is this some bizarre part of the plan to manage the build-up of
resistant populations of CPB? ...  or part of a plan to make Bt
obsolete as soon as possible?

Organic farmers have expressed great concern that the widespread
planting of these potatoes may hasten the evolution of resistance to
this now-valuable, organic insecticide Bt, Bacillus thruingiensis. .
Even Monsanto, the potato's creator, acknowledges  that future
resistance will be a problem and that their new genetically-engineered
potato will have a short life in the marketplace.  The russet-Burbank
potato variety accounts for nearly half of all the potatoes grown in
North America and virtually all of the potatoes used in frozen foods
and served in fast food restaurants.

Bill Duesing
Solar Farm Education
Stevenson, CT


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